Underworld Don MP Jayaraj’s Son Ajit Wants To Fight Legal Battle Over ‘Head Bush’ Teaser

‘Head Bush’, a movie based on the life of Underworld Don MP Jayaraj, will star Daali Dhananjaya in the lead role. But before its release, the movie has now embroiled itself in controversy and the cameo here is by the son of the don, Ajit Jayaraj.

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According to MP Jayaraj’s son Ajit, his father never smoked and was portrayed in a bad light in the film’s teaser. He has written a complaint about the same to the Film Chamber of Commerce and is apparently ready for the legal battle.


Dhananjaya who plays the lead in the film claims that there are some hidden intentions behind defaming the film. He believes that Ajit had initially agreed to go ahead with the film but there are people behind him who are wanting to create a fuss.

Legal battle

After Dhananjaya’s statement, Ajit disagreed and said that his mother was disappointed with how his father’s image was spoiled in the film.

“I will not listen to anyone. There is no one behind me. I will fight a legal battle for my mother. My father never use to smoke as shown in the Head Bush teaser. My mother was hurt watching this. I am ready to fight a legal battle against the film”



Meanwhile, Agni Shreedhar, the film which is based on the book he has written, has said that Ajit has no right to question the film.

Ajit also replying to Shreedhar has said that the film is based on the life of his father and has the right to question. He also said that he is ready to have a legal battle with the film crew as well.