18 Kannada Movies Which Will Never Get Older No Matter How Many Times You Watch

kannada movies

Cinema as a source of entertainment has always been a part of our lives and we all have grown up watching movies of various genres. It was a time when movies used to play on DD channel and we all waited for that Sunday evening. Good or bad, a family used to gather in front of a television to watch the movie being played.

As a Kannadiga, I always loved watching Kannada movies and even today, I prefer Old Rajkumar movies than Avengers or any Bollywood drama. Look at Mayura, the way Dr.Rajkumar brings that flag-waving spirit, every time, is there a match to it? When Vishnuvardhan broke his heart in Bandhana, we all moved to tears. Why did we hate Vajaramuni or why Shankar Nag became the darling of Karnataka! Were just the characters? No, they were more than that. From Premaloka’s love story to Mungaru Male’s tragic end, class to mass – there are few Kannada movies which have become so close to our heart that we don’t mind watching them, every time they are played on television.

Bangarada Manushya

If people left their city jobs and went back to villages to pursue the agriculture then credits should go to this movie. With Dr.Rajkumar in a leading role, Bangarada Manushya holds the record of running for 2 years in theatres. The way this movie carried the emotions of lower-middle-class family and motivated the audience for life is truly inspiring. There is no second thought about the performances. In every frame, Rajkumar steals your heart while other characters excellently grooving and moving with the narration.

kannada movies


I was in my 7th or 8th standard when Yejamana was released. It was Lakshmi talkies in a town called Hospet (Bellary). I was flabbergasted to see the entire crowd howling with tears when Abhijith refuse to arrest Vishnuvardhan in the movie. You have to believe, I have witnessed the stories of brothers getting reunited after watching this movie. It was a blockbuster movie which portrayed the values of brotherhood and never fell flat to connect with the emotions of Kannadigas.

best kannada movies

Bangarada Panjara

Again, Rajkumar at his best. A comedy-drama which will tickle your funny bones like never before. Bangarada Panjara is a story of a young innocent man forced to leave his village owing to a certain promise. All the melodrama and theatricals needed for a super-entertaining movie is just there. Even today, if it is playing on television, I don’t mind watching from start to end.

kannada movies

Guru Sishyaru

A mythological movie with Kannada’s prominent Comedy actors in the lead role is a treat to watch. You will laugh, giggle and simply whoop at the mannerism of actors and the way they portrayed themselves on the screen. Guru Sishyaru is a must-watch if you want to have a stupendous laugh. And yes, ‘Doddavarella Jaanaralla, Chikkavarella Kona Ralla.’

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Eddelu Manjunatha

Satire at his best. Eddelu Majunatha is one of the most entertaining movies in the recent times. Jaggesh will steal the show. This story of the world ’s laziest person and his reasons to postpone the events of life was epic. With friends in the house with a glass of drinks or two, the kick that Eddelu Manjunatha gives has no match. At one time, I was so addicted to this movie that all the dialogues were on my tongue.

Kappgidre Krishna, Bellagidre SM Krishna. (LOL)

kannada movies


If you didn’t cry watching Jogi then I can definitely say that you are a stone-hearted person. The climax dance of Shiv Rajkumar and the wait of Arundathi Nag in the pouring rain will simply squeeze your heart.

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best kannada movies


I don’t know how many times I have watched this movie. A psychological horror thriller starring Vishnuvardhan, Ramesh, and Soundarya in lead roles is one of my all-time favorites. The way this movie curdle your blood with fear without even showing the face of the devil was truly startling. Again, with one of Soundarya’s best performances, Apthamitra went on to become a blockbuster movie of the year.

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If someone asks me as for how you want your Country to be in the next 10 years then I say like as the one in Super movie. Hats off to Upendra and his vision. An interesting story of an NRI coming to India, facing issues and to become the Chief minister selling the state was truly mind-boggling.

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Nyaya Ellide

Have you watched this movie? If No then go and watch today. The real story was written by Tamil Super Star Vijay’s father S A Chandrasekhar. And the film got dubbed in multiple languages. This is basically how a rebel Shankar Nag takes revenge against the ones who murdered his father. A 1980s classic which is filled with all plot and twist. You’ll enjoy this movie!

kannada movies

Rama Shama Bhaama

Every time it plays on television, I will leave all activities and just sit in front. Kamala Hassan at his best and Urvashi as Bhaammani will make you die laughing. The dialogues and mannerism of Kamal coupled with Ramesh Arvind’s frustrating character will add to all the fun. Rama Shama Bhaama is one movie you cannot afford to miss.

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A 1995 released Kannada Crime Drama directed by Upendra remains to be a cult classic Indian film of all times. If people are crazy about this movie even in 2018 then there is a reason for it. A script that narrates the story of underworld mystery with Dr. Shivrajkumar in the lead role has the record of getting re-released for more than 632 times. OM is such a kind of movie that cannot be re-created by Upendra himself and if we have to put this in his own words, he said, “ OM just happened and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

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Milana and Raajakumara

A family classic with Power star Puneeth Rajkumar and Parvathi Menon in the lead roles, Milana can be watchable for ‘n’ number of times. The movie doesn’t bore you and the songs and performances will just take you with the flow.

I should also mention Raajakumara which is one of the best movies in Puneeth Rajkumar’s career, so far. A story which highlighted the importance of relationships in the life with subtle and engrossing performances, Raajakumara became an Industry hit and created a milepost in the history of KFI.

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Gowri Ganesha

My summer holidays were incomplete without watching this movie being played on Udaya Tv. Ananth Nag as Topiwala and Master Anand as Ganesha simply loot your time. I really wonder why people don’t make movies like this! Well, Gauri Ganesha was one of the best movies of our childhood, isn’t it?

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You tell the word “Crazy” – you associate with Kanasugara Ravichandran. But when it comes to creativity in recent times, you can think of Real Star Upendra. The director was in his elements in the second film he directed. The first half of the film is pure comedy and the director brings you to the edge of the seat. Kumar Govind’s first film to become a hit. And yes, Upendra became a force to reckon with this thriller Kannada movie.

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Mungaru Male

I have watched this movie for 12 times in the theatre, some 10-15 times on television and nearly 30 times on my laptop. An amazing love story with quirky dialogues coupled with mindblowing locations and songs, Mungaru Male will remain as the most classic love stories of KFI.

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America America

I don’t know why I relate to the character played by Ramesh Aravind. And absolutely, have no idea why I feel pity for Surya. Every time I play this movie, I watch few selected scenes and directly go to climax and finish the movie in 10-20 minutes. I am sure we all have movies like this on our playlist.

best kannada movies


Bandhana, love story of a senior Doctor falling in loving with his junior seeing a devastating end is something I don’t want to watch it again and again. However, I can replay the first half for 1000 times and simply stare at Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini for hours and hours.

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Yaaru Tiliyaru Ninna Bhuja Bhalada Parakrama
Samaradol Aarjisida Aa Ninna Vijayagala Marma!

I have no words to describe the beauty of Babaruvahana but I will say one thing. Today even with so much of technology getting advanced, one cannot make another Babaruvahana or Mayura and I am not at all exaggerating.

kannada film industry

And this list goes on and on. There are so many Kannada movies which have become a part of our childhood and the very way, our life took its shape. So, which is your favorite movie which you don’t mind watching it again and again? Let us know in the comments below.



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