12 Must-Have Bangalore Local Foods other than the same old Idli, and Dosa

Bangalore Local Foods

How long one can eat the same Idli, Vada, Dosa, and Khara Bath? The heart craves for more right? Bengaluru being the center for different cultures and traditions, the city is a foodie’s paradise and the every corner of it has something special for you in its store. All you need to do is to explore and delve into the roots of authenticity. We usually have Bisi Bele Bath, Chitranna, Holige, and other dishes but there are so many other delicious items on the menu that we don’t eat on a regular basis. Today, let’s get introduced to some of the Must-Have Bangalore local foods for a turn inside out experience.

Must-Have Bangalore Local Foods

Benne Murukku and KodBale

Murukku or Muruku or Chakli is an authentic Karnataka food which is a crunchy snack item. People go crazy for this and it comes in different varieties from Palak, Menthya, Spicy, and more. My favorite is Palak Muruku. A quick bite of Muruku with Hot Bengaluru Coffee is the best bet for a rainy evening.

Almost every bakery of Bengaluru sells this but Iyengar’s Bakery is a must try. Buy for some Rs.10 and try. I’m sure that you just can’t have one. If not Muruku, you can try KodBale which tastes equally good.

Bangalore Local Foods
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Congress KadleKai

KadleKai (Groundnut) mixed with a chaat masala relished with tea is an experience that is hard to bind in words. You can also put the Onion-tomato mixture on it as per your preference. They taste so good that you will go on and on & at one point, you will realize that you have emptied a full bowl of Kadlekai.

If you are near NR Colony then Srinivas Bakery is a must try or you can buy in any of the Iyengar’s Bakery.

Bangalore special food
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Nipattu is the food of every Karnataka home especially the Bangalore and Old Mysore. You might have tried this little circles of dinero mottled in gram dal and curry leaves in small tea shops but that isn’t the real taste of it. If you wanna have the authentic taste of this crispy snack then buy from any Hot Chip stores. The Garam Nipattu and Hot Coffee are a couple made in heaven.

You can also add Daani and Mixture which again makes a killer combination with any hot or cold beverages.

Bangalore Local Foods
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Mishra Dharwad Peda

If you haven’t tasted Dharwad Peda then don’t call yourself a Foodie. This Dharwad special sweet dish tastes so scrumptious that it has been the favorites of people from all walks of life. It is so popular that people don’t miss to buy this on their visit to Dharwad. However, you need not have to go to Dharwad to have this because Mishra Peda Stores brings the legitimate taste of North Karnataka to your door. Check out for the nearest Mishra store and get lost in the world of Dharwad Peda.

Local food
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Maddur Vade from MTR

Maddur Vade derives its name from the town ‘Maddur’ of Mandya District, Karnataka. It is a luscious snack item which will make you go mad in its every crunch and bite. This typical dish made of rice flour, semolina, and maida mixed with sliced onion and groundnut masala takes the golden brown color on a deep fry. If you are traveling to Mysore or Mandya then this is a must-have snack on your way.

Bangalore Local Foods
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Donne Biriyani – Chickpet

Donne Biriyani is a special kind of biriyani served that is served in ‘Donne’ which gets a peculiar savoriness and taste of it is worse than the addiction. You might have tried this in Donne Biriyani House (Koramangala) or Shivaji Military Hotel (Jayanagar) but the taste of Donne Biriyani in Chickpet has no match.

Bangalore special food
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Mandakki Mirchi

This is a famous snack item of North Karnataka and is equally popular in Bengaluru. All your craving for evening snack can be fully satisfied with one plate of Mandakki with a couple of Mirchi deep fried in Maida. If you come to Rajaji Nagar, Vijayanagar, and Attiguppe side then you can have the best of it. Yes, Nalapak is a must try.

Bangalore Local Foods
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Bangarpet Chaats

You can relish the taste of Hyderabad in Bengaluru through Bangarpet Chaats. This doesn’t taste similar to the typical North Indian chaat as it brings a different kind of aroma to it. So, the experience of having a typical North Indian chaat and Bangarpet Chaat is incomparable. I recommend trying once if you haven’t.

Bangalore Local Foods
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Paddu, Akki Roti, and Bonda Soup

It is a common experience that we end up in choosing either Idli Vada or Masala Dose. As a breakfast item or a snack item, have you tried Paddu, and Akki Roti? I know that East and West of Bengaluru are not so blessed but you can come to North and South of Bangalore to relish the hot Paddus and tasty Akki Rotis.

Bonda Soup has no connection with Tomato Soup or a Garlic Soup. It is a typical Dakshina Kannada dish where a Vada will be dipped in a bowl of Sambar which is again not the sambar you have with Idli or Dose. Any Kamat Hotels or Udupi Hotels you can choose for the yummiest Bonda Soup.

Local food
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Mudde with Non-Veg

Mudde or Ragi Ball is one food that is immensely popular in Bangalore, Mysore, and Mandya Regions. There is no single hotel in North Bangalore that doesn’t serve Mudde. It tastes heaven with Bassaru (a kind of Sambar), Chicken gravy, and mutton gravy. We have Mudde Muddappa Mess in Majestic, and hotels like Maruti, Prashanth, and Malgudi in Rajajinagar for an awesome Muddi Meal

Bangalore Local Foods
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Puliyogre, Mavinkai (Mango) Chitranna

I’m drooling. Puliyogre is the most loved, and an orthodox Karnataka dish which is prepared in every Kannada Speaking homes. It is also famous in Tamil Nadu as Iyengar’s Puliyogre. The best place in Bengaluru for Puliyogre is Puliyogre point (Basavanagudi).

We normally eat Chitranna but in the month of Mangoes, you should definitely try Mavinkai Chitranna along with Kosambri (Brahmin Vegetable Salad). I don’t think there are any hotels in Bangalore that serves Mango Chitranna but you can find more in Mysore.

Bangalore special food
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Gasagase Paaysa

Gasagase Paaysa or poppy seeds Kheer is the most popular sweet dish of Karnataka and you will get addicted to it by its very aroma, and the texture. You don’t get to hear this a lot in Bengaluru but I believe you can order a glass of it in Halli Mane (Malleswaram). Hot Gasagase Paaysa relished with Ghee is the heaven-made combination.

Bangalore Local Foods
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So these were the list of Bangalore Local Foods. If you know any of this kind then please let us know in the comments below.

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