Muslim Ram Bhakts Are Ready To Attend Bhoomi Pujan In Ayodhya


Not only Hindus but Muslims are also excited about the Bhoomi Pujan of Ram temple in Ayodhya. After this dispute that lasted for many years, once again the distances between people of both religions are seen to be decreasing.


According to TOI’s report, Faiz Khan of Chhattisgarh is carrying a brick from his village to perform Bhoomi Pujan of the temple, while other Muslim Ram devotees will attend the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony to seek the blessings of the Lord. 5 Muslim Rambhaktas, Raja Rais, Wasi Haider, Haji Saeed, Jamshed Khan and Azam Khan reported that they considered Rama Ko-Imam-e-Hind ‘. Speaking to the media, Jamshed Khan stated that Rama is the ancestor of many Rajputs who later accepted Islam.


He added that, ‘We later accepted Islam and adopted the system of prayer according to Islam, but changing our religion does not change our ancestors. We are confident that Rama was our ancestor and we will celebrate the occasion with our Hindu brothers. ‘ Saeed Ahmed, who has done Haj, is a staunch Muslim, but he also has a great reverence for Ram. Sayeed while talking to the media said that we Indian Muslims believe that Ram was Imam-e-Hind so I will be present in Ayodhya to celebrate the construction of the temple.