Muslim Bangle Seller Thrashed In Public View In MP; Victim Claimed He Was Hindu, Says Minister

 We say it is Taliban who is right now inflicting terror and pain among people,but this scene from Indore will prove you wrong.Leaders and Pundits of our county boasts this nation to be as the secularly democratic country but at the grassroot level,condition is really a nightmare where communal riots are taking place and mercilessly innocents are thrashed publicly

Mob Thrashing A Muslim Bangle Seller

 A man selling bangles in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore was mercilessly thrashed in full public view by a group of men as he had apparently given a fake name. The 25-year-old was also allegedly robbed of Rs 10,000 by his assailants during the incident, which took place on Sunday


In the video of the incident that has been circulating on social media, the man, identified as Tasleem, is seen being beaten up by a group in a crowded street in Banganga area in Indore. The unidentified men are heard using communal slurs at him as people around him watch – none of them try to help the victim.


“Take whatever you want. He should not be seen in this area anymore,” a man is heard saying as he takes out bangles from the bag. The man also asks the public to come forward and thrash the victim, who is seen being pulled up by his t-shirt by a man from behind.Later, three to four men come forward and mercilessly thrash him.

MP Home Minister’s Take On The Incident

 “If a man hides his name, caste and religion then bitterness comes in,” said the state’s Home Minister Narottam Mishra.”He was using a Hindu name, though he belonged to a different community. He also had two different Aadhaar cards… he was selling bangles which our daughters wear and apply henna during sawan (monsoon)… that’s how the altercation started,” the minister said.



Tasleem(Victim) Files A Complaint In The Police Station

“The accused first asked my name and started beating once I revealed it. They also robbed the Rs 10,000 that I was carrying and broke the bangles and other material that I had,” the victim said in his complaint to the police.

A police case of rioting, assault, robbery, intimidation and trying to disturb communal harmony was registered late at night reportedly after hundreds of people gathered outside the police station demanding action against the accused. This is how communal ism is prevailing and people are taking advantage of the situation.How hard we may boast of Secularism this is the actual condition