Mungaru Male 2 Director Reveals Shocking Details On The Film’s Story Line

Mungaru Male 2 director Shashank makes a shocking statement about the film. The 50-year-old reveals how he was once forced to write a random story for creating a sequel for an iconic Kannada movie.

Truth Behind Mungaru Male 2 storyline

Nowadays, filmmakers are more bothered about the display and collection of the movie. They do all sorts of work to take the cinematography to a next level. This also includes camera angles, overall props, dialogue, and editing. In the process, many writers & film producers began to neglect the use of good storytelling in exchange for bigger, better representations causing a decline in critically “good” films.


An interesting revelation has come into the spotlight where a director has revealed how he was forced by his producers to make a story just for the sake of the film’s name.

Mungaru Male 2 director, Shashank, in an interview, spoke about the incident when he was approached by a producer to come up with any story for the Mungaru Male sequel.

“I had a different story with me at the beginning. I told the producers that there can only be made minor changes in it to make it a ‘Mungaru Male 2’. They agreed and asked me to do whatever I want with the story. But wanted to keep the title Mungaru Male 2,” said Shashank.


“Now I realized that I had made a big mistake. I shouldn’t have altered the story and should have made a different film. I was pressurized for this and will never fall for things like this in the future,” the director adds.

Viral Video

A Twitter user shares the incident on Twitter and also writes a short note on whatever the director said. “Producer & Hero forcing a director to make a sequel of a movie he has no connection to just shows how much they just want to encash the name & popularity of Mungaru Male & don’t even care about its legacy. “Story ಏನಾದ್ರೂ ಇರ್ಲಿ. Title important (Emoji),” the user writes.

Here’s the video:


The user further writes, “This is the sad state of many “Part 2″s in KFI. ‘Part 2’s with a plot extension have always been successful coz of the dedication to the story (eg – #KGF2 & Drishyam 2). Many recent “Part 2″s have nothing to do with the original story but keep the title for publicity’s sake.”

Meanwhile, Mungaru Male 2 was realized on 10 September 2016. The film featured V. Ravichandran, Ganesh, Neha Shetty, Ravishankar, Sadhu Kokila, Tabala Nani. The Shashank directional film only managed to make 20 crores at the box office.

This movie, starring Ganesh in the lead role, is a sequel to the 2006 release Mungaru Male, which was a box office hit and had then managed to make 75 crores.