Mumbai Metro Rail Begins Chopping Trees At Aarey Colony, Citizens Gathered In A Huge Protest

source: ndtv

The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) had decided to cut down several trees at Aarey Colony to make way for car sheds in Metro Line 3. The authorities took the help of Mumbai Police on Saturday from 3:15 am to cut down trees in the region. However, the report said that 100 to 200 people gathered in the place to protest the most horrible event and to stop trees from being chopped.

Aarey Under Threat

It all happened after the Bombay High Courts ordered against the petitions opposing tree-felling in Aarey. However, the court was in favor of MMRC and supported the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s Tree Authority’s decision to cut up to 2646 trees to construct a car shed for Metro Line 3.


After the order passed by the high court, MMRC workers started cutting trees at Aarey which saw huge protestors gathering the place in anger at the late night on Friday.

Protesters arrested

The Aarey colony saw heavy police deployment amongst a massive protest. Police reported that few activists even tried to misbehave with the officials and also assaulted them. Following which a total of 23 men and 6 women were taken into custody.

Aaditya Thackeray, Shiv Sena youth leader, tweeted condemning this incident. On the arrest of protesters and the cutting down of trees, he wanted to know who approved those actions.


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