This Age-Old Mudde Madappa Mess in Bengaluru Serves Unlimited Ragi Ball Meals For Less Than Rs.100

mudde madappa mess

Probably the only dish which is yet to undergo any modification and is best enjoyed in the form which it was invented is our very own Ragi Mudde (Red Millet Balls). There are a number of restaurants in Bengaluru and across our state which serves the Ragi Balls but one hotel which has made a name amongst this huge list of Ragi Mudde serving hotels is the Mudde Madappa Mess.

Located in the center of the city at Majestic, Mudde Madappa Mess is accessible from almost every corner of the city. However, to make your trip easier, the Mudde Madappa Mess is located in an old, almost forgotten building in Gandhinagar – the unlikeliest of the places to house a city-famous restaurant. An old hoarding with the name of the hotel inscribed in red is another clue to help you find the exact location of the hotel.


mudde madappa mess
Credits – Prashanth Vaidyaraj

Ragi Mudde and the Fillers on the Table

Mudde Madappa Mess is one hotel that serves authentic vegetarian food in the middle of the city. Ragi Mudde Meals is famous here with unlimited mudde, rice, sambhar, rasam and buttermilk on offer here at just Rs 90. One Spicy papad is given as a compliment with the meals although you do have an option to buy more if you are willing to pay extra. You also have the option to include a masala vade for a few more bucks (Rs 10) in your meal.

Apart from the famous Ragi Mudde Rice Meals, traditional food items such as Lemon Rice, Khara Bath, and Idli are also available here.

The Aura within the Mess

Do not expect a modern or a lavish experience when you decide to head to Mudde Madappa Mess. This hotel belongs to the old-fashioned category where you could experience how Bengaluru hotels used to look like a few decades ago. The furniture is also old and the hand-wash area is also a little dirty. However, the restaurant does not compromise on the hygiene and the quality of the food. And as said before, Mudde Madappa Mess is the cheapest time-machine you can get which will transport you to the Bengaluru of the 1970s.


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Service is one aspect which could make you visit Mudde Madappa Mess again and again. Most of the employees here are senior-citizens and they are neat and efficient in the way they go about their business. Starting with the gentle old man who sits at the cashier counter, all the employees at this restaurant are quick, receiving and cordial. As soon as you get into the hotel, hardly any time is wasted in laying out your meals and if you wish for a top-up, that happens quickly too.

mudde madappa mess
Credits – Sandeep Nayak


The functioning of this hotel is very unique. While coupons have to be purchased at the counter, your experience begins right from the moment plates are laid out in front of you. The plates do look grimy but before you raise your arm, steaming hot water in a jug is laid out in front of you with which you are supposed to clean the plate and wash your hands.


You can dispose of the water from your plate into a bucket that is placed just beside your table. You would then be given a bottle-cap which is meant to place under one of the edges of your plate. This makes sure that the liquid portions of your meal don’t interact with your precious Ragi Mudde thereby ensuring an organized and enriching experience at the restaurant.

Open: 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM. 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM, 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM (Mon-Sat ) |
7:30 AM – 10:30 AM. 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM (Sundays)

Where: No. 18/1, Kalyan Trust, KVVNS Property, 6th Cross, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru.