MS Dhoni Was Seen Changing Bat Logos In The World Cup, Here Is What His Manger Has To Say


MS Dhoni who is said to be on the last phase of his career is seen doing something unusual during the matches in the World Cup. Previously he was in the news because the Ranchi born was spotted wearing army insignia on his keeping gloves which by the time gained criticism. However, this time people spotted his unusual act in the ground which has turned everyone’s attention. MS Dhoni has been playing with bats bearing stickers of many different brands.

Dhoni’s unusual act

During the match against England and Bangladesh Indian former captain switched bats between innings. He was seen playing with the bats bearing three sponsors BAS, SG, SS. Dhoni was seen using a bat having the SG logo. In the later parts of his innings, when more aggressive shots were the order of the day, he was seen calling for a bat with the BAS logo. Many of his fans would have wondered he was under multiple sponsorship deals which Dhoni was involved in. But the reality had a different face.

According to his manager Arun Pandey, he revealed that the 37-year-old has been using different brands or logos in his bat because he wishes to express his gratitude towards his various sponsors, who have had their back with him during the various stages of his career.

His sweet gesture

Pandey also said that the veteran wicket-keeper batsman is not charging a single rupee from the sponsors for this. “Dhoni has a big heart. He does not need money, he has enough of it, he is using those bats as a goodwill gesture. BAS was with him from the beginning and SG also was very helpful to him,” he also said.

His sweet gesture might have increased more respect in the heart of his fans. But such an act from Dhoni has raised questions amongst his followers. Will Dhoni retire after the World Cup? He has not made any official announcement till now, but whenever people had tried to come up with such skepticism, he has always left them out scratching their head.



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