MS Dhoni Speaks About Controlling His Emotion And How Important It Is

source: news18

MS Dhoni finally comes out in the daylight after keeping himself away from media post World Cup Semi-Final. However, speculations are yet not settled as the Indian wicket kipper has still to decide for his career. Speaking at an interview the former captain made some crucial points regarding his career in the Indian cricket team.

Dhoni is frustrated 

Dhoni playing in the squad is the most debated topic in social media. Having missing from the nation’s cricket team since the world cup, the 38-year-old is frustrated regarding deciding to play for his country furthermore. The former captain speaks at an event named ‘Team Cashless India’ Initiative by Mastercard.


source: news18

“I would tell, I feel equally frustrated. I also feel annoyed at times, disheartened. But what is noteworthy is that none of these feelings are helpful. What needs to be done right now is more important than any of these sentiments. What is the next thing I can plan? Who is the next somebody, whom I can use? Once I get into it, I am managing my emotions in a much better way,” he said”

Winning Big tournaments

MS Dhoni talking about winning big tournaments says it’s more about the team goals than individual performance. “What you want to accomplish as a team is to win the tournament but that’s a long-term purpose. Finally, what you do is to break it into shorter things. When we lose, it might be an individual, who has committed an error or it might be the entire team. Maybe we didn’t administer the plan whatever the format may be,’ Dhoni explained.

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Speaking about the T20 cricket, Dhoni said that team effort can never be reduced despite the many individual performers in the shorter formats. “If it’s a Test match, you have two innings, you get a somewhat longer duration to plan out your next move. In T20s, everything happens very soon, so the needs are different.”


“Ultimately, winning or losing comes to every person who is part of the team. In a unit, everybody has a role and responsibility. During the T20 World Cup, the roles and responsibilities given to individuals were accomplished in the best manner possible. That was the reason we won the 2007 tournament,” said Dhoni.