MS Dhoni Helped Bangladesh To Set The Field Against Him And It Was ‘A Moment’ For Cricket Fans

Much awaited Cricketing tournament is going to kick start by Tomorrow, where the Host will take on the Proteas in a much-awaited contest. As of now, there are several warm-up games carried out between the ten nations. In this context, yesterday we witnessed India outplaying Bangladesh comfortably. Thanks to KL Rahul and MS Dhoni’s brilliant centuries that helped India cross over 350, and in reply Bangladesh was all out for 264 with 3 more balls to spell.

Fans were extremely happy as they witnessed the veteran wicket kipper batsman scoring 113 of just 78 balls. He pulled out a significant performance in the final overs of the Indian innings to power them through to 359/7 in their 50 overs. However, there was an incident occurred during the game while Dhoni was batting, which was a very delightful thing to watch. Arguably the most intelligent and the most generous cricketer in the world, helped his opposite team to set the right field against him.


Dhoni’s presence of mind

Part-time spinner Sabbir Rahman was given to bowl the 40th over of the Indian innings. MS Dhoni, who was on strike, observed some irregularities in the field. One of the fielders, who was supposed to stand in the short squarish fine-leg region was out of his position. Dhoni was quick to figure it out and asked the bowler to stop bowling midway and advised the bowler to remove his fielder from mid-wicket to square leg.

In the meantime, the bowler listened to him and did as he said. The game then continued, and the Indian wicketkeeper turned out to be a stunner as he helped the team to pull the score to a mammoth 359 for 7. Thereafter, the fans couldn’t help but hail Dhoni on the incident, with some even calling it the best thing ever happened in the World Cup till now. Reacting to the incident, they were also quick enough to observe the situation and tweet at the right moment.


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