MP Pratap Simha Stopped Outside Vidhana Soudha For Not Wearing A Face Mask

Pratap Simha

The Member of Parliament from Mysore, Pratap Simha was stopped by the security personnel at the gate of Vidhana Soudha as the leader was not wearing the mask.

The Karnataka State government had made wearing of masks mandatory ever since the third lockdown and had strictly said that those coming into Vidhana Soudha has to mandatorily wear masks. The young leader was stopped at the west gate of the Vidhana Soudha by the health department officials. The officials were stationed there to do thermal screening and making sure people sanitize their hands. The officials asked the leader to wear the mask. The leader apparently wanted to enter either way but was not permitted to by the officials.


As the cases have been rising in the state, the rules have been stringent especially in Vidhana Soudha. The area around Vidhana Soudha was sanitized. Yesterday, Vikas Soudha was sanitized completely.

Pratap Simha (1)
Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Karnataka COVID-19 Situation Becomes Grim

The state of Karnataka reported 12 deaths due to COVID-19 on Thursday and 8 among them are from the capital city of Bengaluru. This is the highest single-day casualties reported in the state ever since the outbreak was first reported in the state.

For the last three days, the city of Bengaluru has consistently reported over 7 deaths every day. With that, the city of Bengaluru accounts to close to 45 percent of the state’s total fatalities. The city has reported a total of 51 deaths. Out of that, as per the medical experts, at least 15 are due to the patients reporting to the hospital only after developing severe symptoms.


As of Thursday, the state has reported over the 7944 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. The recovery rate in the state has been on the positive side as almost 4983 patients who have successfully recovered from the novel coronavirus. The total active cases in the state are 2843. The state has 35 percent of active cases now which means that for every 100 people testing positive for the coronavirus, 35 patients are infected currently. The state has tested 473507 samples so far since the 8th of March. Karnataka has tested 7,196 people per million population so far. The recovery rate is healthy at 62 percent and the mortality rate is 1.44 percent.


Source: News 18 Kannada