MP Politics: BJP Using Black Magic On Congress MLAs, Says Congress Leader

source: ani

Amid political showdown in Madhya Pradesh, states legal affairs minister PC Sharma claimed that the Congress MLAs have been kidnaped and held in Bengaluru hotel where BJP leaders are doing black magic on them.

The Black Magic Politics 

As both BJP and Congress carry out a war of words over rebel MLAs, found to be hooked up in Bangaluru, MP Congress leader makes a ‘Tantra Mantra’ politics.


“BJP leaders kidnapped our MLAs and have kept them in a Bengaluru hotel. From the videos, it seems that they are being hypnotized and terrorized. ‘Tantra Mantra’ (Black magic) is being performed on them,” said legal affairs minister PC Sharma.

source: ani

“A lot of MLAs want to come, but they are not being allowed to return. Their mobile phones have been snatched and they are not even allowed to meet or contact their family members. I appeal Governor Lalji Tandon to get the MLAs released from Bengaluru,” he said.

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“It was discussed in the State Cabinet meeting that our MLAs who have come from Jaipur should be medically tested. Those in Haryana and Bengaluru should also be medically tested,” PC Sharma stated


BJP’s take

The saffron party did not want to miss this opportunity as they chose the moment to mock the statement and called it as superstition.

“The Congress leaders have turned superstitious. We can understand their mental situation at this moment when their government is going to fall anything. We have sympathy with them,” said BJP state spokesperson Rajneesh Agrawal.

The political Drama in Madhya Pradesh

On the 9th of March, the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh jumped into a mess when Jyotiraditya Scindia, along with 17 MLAs, practically rebelled provoking Chief Minister Kamal Nath to call a late-night cabinet meeting where around 22 ministers resigned reposing faith in his leadership.


Nath alleged that the BJP was adopting unethical ways to “destabilize my government” and pledged not to let it happen.

source: ani

Yesterday, after the assembly session began at 11 am, members of the BJP raised the demand for holding a floor test.

On Saturday night, the state government directed chief minister Kamal Nath to attempt a trust vote because of 22 MLAs of the Congress resigning from the party.


Coming to Kamal Nath’s rescue, the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Govind Singh raised the issue of coronavirus threat in the country, and also mentioned an advisory issued by the central government.

Accepting Singh’s demand, Speaker NP Prajapati dismissed the proceedings till March 26, the day when voting for the Rajya Sabha elections will be held.

source: ani

It was not over yet, even after the House was dismissed, 106 MLAs of the BJP, led by former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, arrived the residence of the governor and demanded that a floor test be held immediately.

Speaking on the same, Kamak Nath challenged BJP to bring a no-confidence motion against his government.


“If the BJP is demanding floor test and saying that we don’t have a majority, they should bring a no-confidence motion against my government. Why are they shying away (from bringing a no-confidence motion)? We will prove our majority,” Nath told reporters at the state Assembly.