MP Minister Takes Underprivileged Kids For Lunch On Diwali; Faces Backlash On Twitter

MP Minister Takes Underprivileged Kids For Lunch On Diwali

Jitu Patwari, a minister from Madhya Pradesh took economically backward children out for lunch for Diwali but this act of his was called a PR gimmick.

Madhya Pradesh minister of higher education Jitu Patwari took a few children out for lunch to a five-star hotel on the occasion of Diwali but his gesture which he thought would be appreciated gained traction as many outraged on it.

Jitu Patwari took the kids out to a 5-star hotel on 27th October and traveled in a bus where the kids joined him and went to the hotel together.

Many on Twitter thought this was a mere PR gimmick and were quick to question if the government was going to pick up the tab on this little outing. This was so because there were a lot of cameras around and media had been informed of the same but many of the minister’s contemporaries also conceded that this act deserved appreciation.

Jitu Patwari has not made a statement himself but his office has maintained that he holds these parties every year and was prompted by his son this time to do this who lives away from home in a hostel due to his studies.

MP Minister Takes Underprivileged Kids For Lunch On Diwali
Source: ANI

Jitu Patwari is known to be outspoken and does not hesitate from taking a stand. He made the headlines when he said that most of the primary revenue officials were corrupt which also saw a lot of backlash from that sect leading to them asking for an apology from the minister.

Patwari was quick to say, “If my apology could change the reality, I would not mind asking for the official’s pardon!”

No statement has been made by Patwari himself but his office has said, “The minister can be reached in his office on Tuesday.”