10 Phenomenal Movies Of Dr. Vishnuvardhan You Should Watch To Know The Other Side Of The Actor

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan

Dr. Vishnuvardhan was an Indian film actor known for his works predominantly in Kannada cinema. He appeared in over 220 films in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. He was called ‘The Phoenix of Indian Cinema’. Vishnuvardhan has a wide range of movies to his kitty, but unfortunately, most of them being some great stories with his exceptional acting skills are not commercial hits like his popular ones. So especially to all the crazy Vishnu Vardhan fans out there, I am just trying to introduce few lesser known but must watch movies because they are truly worth watching.


The fatherly strings pulled by Vishnuvardhan in the movie is simply outstanding. He plays the role of a loving father, who dotes on his daughter. Things take an ugly turn when he is forced to face his past, separating him from his daughter which is heart touching. Directed by Dinesh Babu, the film won laurels at the Karnataka State Film Award. Also won the Second Best Film award, along with Vishnuvardhan being crowned as the Best Actor for the year 1997. The movie is a must watch to all the lovely daughters out there.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan


Parva is a spectacular movie directed by Sunil Kumar Desai which highlights lovely, Classical Indian art forms especially Bharatanatyam and Classical music. It is one of the rare movies in the history of Kannada cinemas. Parva is the first Kannada cinema to start with a song and end with a climax of a song and dance. The movie is all about an artist and the numerous challenges and obstacles he has to put up with for his passion for the art form, which is again exceptionally carried out by the phenomenal actor.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan


One of the phenomenal movie in the history of Kannada cinemas. A Bharatanatyam dancer falls in love with Vishnuvardhan, a talented vocalist. However, Vishnuvardhan is attracted to another lady. This very love triangle gives us some deep intense thoughts of love, emotions, and self-control. It is a 1986 Musical Kannada film starring Vishnuvardhan, Saritha, and Madhavi in the lead roles. The film was directed and written by K. S. L. Swamy. Performance of the eternal actor in the movie is mind-blowing. The film screened at 11th IFFI mainstream section. But unfortunately, the movie wasn’t a commercial hit though it was a much deserving one.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan


Habba is a beautiful movie bringing up the ethical and moral aspects of a ‘man’ oriented society. In the movie, the sons of the family learn that only their sister’s children can inherit their dead father’s wealth. Hence, they plan to not get their sister married, but things go awry when she falls in love with a man. The film has an ensemble cast including Vishnuvardhan, Ambareesh, Devaraj, Jayapradha, Urvashi, etc which certainly takes the movie to another level. The movie was awarded Karnataka State Film Award for Best Screenplay in the year 1999.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan


Deepavali is a 2000 Indian Kannada drama film starring Vishnuvardhan, Ramesh Aravind, Chandini and Bhavana in the lead roles. The film is directed and written by Dinesh Babu. The movie exhibits some exceptional mix of emotions which leaves the viewers totally engrossed and heartening. A rich woman gets exploited by her relatives after she loses her son. Her troubles vanish after meeting a special person who treats her like his mother and protects her from wicked people. Performance of the versatile actor in the movie will get you on your toes throughout the movie.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan

Janani Janmabhoomi

The exceptional acting skills brought about by Vishnuvardhan as a scientist, in the movie is commendable. The movie is about what happens when the scientist wants to use his inventions for the nation’s growth. But some notorious criminals try to exploit his creations for their personal gains. It is a 1997 Indian Kannada film, directed by HR Bhargava. The film stars Vishnuvardhan, B. Sarojadevi, Srikanya and Geethanjali in lead roles. The movie delivers some great message of patriotism and dedication one should possess towards the country.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan


The movie is truly a wonderful Indian Kannada romantic drama film directed by Rajendra Singh Babu in 1995. The movie brings about romance, drama and most importantly suspense and thrill in the most exciting ways ever. It is all about a lovely lady whose lover, who is a photographer, goes missing after he visits Shimla for a project. However, the beautiful lady sets out to look for her beloved when she gets to know that he is alive. The role of the photographer played by Vishnuvardhan is exemplary. A must watch to all the suspense lovers.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan

Kona Eedaithe

Kona Eedaithe is a 1995 Indian Kannada courtroom comedy-drama film directed by B. Jayashree Devi. The story is adapted from Abhaya Katha Vibhaga movie company. There had been a controversy associated with the movie. It was considered to have been mocking the Law of India. But after more than 30 cuts movie passed with U certificate. The movie stars some great artists in the leading roles like Kumar Govind, Vinaya Prasad, and Vanitha Vasu while Sudharani made a guest appearance. It has some excellent music scored and composed by Hamsalekha.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan

Hendthig Heltheeni

Hendthigheltheeni is a 1998 Kannada comedy film written and directed by Dinesh Baboo. The movie stars Vishnuvardhan, Suhasini in leading roles. Baby Ramya, Tara, B. V. Radha, Ramakrishna have played pivotal roles. The movie is about a happily married couple having conflicts with regards to adopting a child. The couple somehow manages to adopt a girl by name Ramya. And then the comedy track arises when simultaneously another girl also named Ramya comes to their house claiming she is their child. The movie is extremely hilarious with excellent comedy timings giving rise to great humor.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan

Rahasya Ratri

The movie is a 1980 Indian Kannada film, directed by M. S. Kumar and produced by R. N. Brothers. The film stars Vishnuvardhan, Bharathi, Prakash and Radha Ravi in lead roles. The movie screens as a wonderful horror thriller, with Vishnuvardhan rendering meritorious contributions to the movie. Vishnuvardhan being a versatile actor carries all genre’s of acting like romance, drama, action, suspense, thriller etc exceptionally well. It is certainly a visual treat to all the horror movie lover’s out there.

movies of Dr. Vishnuvardhan

Having great movies like the romantic, drama, horror, thriller and many more to his credits, Vishnuvardhan though not existing physically has surely carved a niche for himself in all our hearts today. In case you are that diehard Vishnuvardhan fan and do not want to miss on any of his great work, then these movies are a must watch!.

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