These 9 Movies Directed By Shankar Nag in the 80s Are Simply An Amazing Feat

Shankar Nag, a name that reverberates in the heart of every Kannadiga is indubitably an undisputed glory. Its been 28 years, Shankar has left us forever but that grief is still there like a newfangled wound. Remembering the man behind Malgudi Days, here we are with the list of movies directed by Shankar Nag which are a must-watch.

Television and Movies Directed by Shankar Nag

movies directed by shankar nag

Accident [1985]

Another masterpiece directed by Shankar Nag. A rare film in which starred his elder brother Ananth Nag and his wife Arundhati Nag. The film delves into corruption and the issues an investigative reporter faces for exposing the truth. Have you ever seen Nagabharana, the doyen director in a movie? He also plays a prominent role. It got the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues. In fact, this movie brought to light on corruption and can be hailed as one of the movies that depicted Kannada politics.

movies directed by shankar nag

Ondu Muttina Kathe [1987]

Ondu Muttina Kathe is a 1987 movie directed by Shankar Nag, starring the legendary Dr. Raj Kumar. It is considered one of the classic movies in the history of Kannada Cinema which was based on John Steinbeck’s book The Pearl.

The film didn’t succeed but it is remembered for its brilliant narrative and technical superiority. It is also appreciated for the first Indian film to be shot underwater with Rajkumar at the age of 58. It was in the 80s and the way it was shot is an inspiration to many filmmakers of the present generation.

movies directed by shankar nag

Malgudi Days [1986]

Being a milestone work in Shankar’s career, ‘Malgudi Days’ was loved by people across the country. Nothing much has left to say about its popularity. It was based on a novel written by R.K Narayan. With greats like L Vaidyanathan and R.K Laxman associating in music and art department, Malgudi Days went on to become a master piece in Indian television history.

movies directed by shankar nag
During the time of Malgudi Days

Minchina Ota [1980]

Starring Shankar Nag and Ananth Nag, Minchina Ota stands as a milestone movie in the career of Nag brothers. It also has Ramesh Bhat who made his debut in the film accompanied by Lokanath in the supporting character. The film won 1979-80 state award; Second Best Film, Best Actor (Ananth Nag), and Best Supporting Actor (Loknath).

Janma Janmada Anubandha [1980]

Written, directed, and co-produced by Shankar Nag, this movie has Ananth Nag in the lead role. Also, the cast included Shankar, Jayanthi, Manjula, Jayamala playing primary characters. Today, this movie’s songs are still a chartbuster, composed by maestro Illayaraja.

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Lalach [1983]

Lalach is a Hindi remake of ‘Minchina Ota’ directed by Shankar Nag. It has Vinod Mehra, Bindiya Goswami, Pran, and Ananth Nag in the lead roles.

Hosa Theerpu [1983]

A lesser-known movie of Shankar’s directorial, Hosa Theerpu has Ambareesh and Manjula in the lead roles.

Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hege [1983]

Through this movie, Shankar had attempted to show the prevailing western culture of Bengaluru in 1983. In primary characters, the movie has Shankar, Ramesh Bhat, and Arundhati Nag. The music was composed by G.K Venkatesh. Bhimsen Joshi singing Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma song for the movie was a major highlight.

movies directed by shankar nag

Geetha [1981]

A romantic drama directed by Shankar Nag turned out as a musical hit of the year. Thanks to Illayaraja for composing such memorable tracks. Even today, Shankar is largely associated with this song titled Santoshakke from the movie Geetha.

So, these were the movies directed by Shankar Nag. He is such a person who inspired many and the very thought of him will trigger your creative instincts. We believe that the works of Shankar will continue to inspire and motivate you to follow your heart and passion.

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