Bengaluru Is The Most Pet-Friendly City In India Followed By Mumbai

pet friendly city in india

Bengaluru has topped again and this time as the most pet-friendly city in the country. A survey conducted by Lana Paws, a pet accessories brand says that Bengaluru and Mumbai are the most pet-friendly cities in India. Around 1500 pet owners across the country participated in this survey.

20% People In Bengaluru Are Pet-Friendly

The survey revealed that 20% of people from Bengaluru are pet-friendly followed by 18% of people from Mumbai. More than 70% of pet owners said that their city is moderately pet-friendly.

Hyderabad and New Delhi are the least pet-friendly cities on the list with 12.5% and 12% people respectively thinking favorably for pets. 14.5 % of the survey participants believe that their cities do not support pets whereas 60% of the participants lamented the fact that their cities do not have pet-friendly parks in the near vicinity.

Some of the pet owners said that even though there were parks their pets were not allowed to enter them. Even the people looking out for rent in many cities faced discrimination and problems from non-pet friendly neighborhoods. More than 30% of people claimed that they were disliked by their neighbors for being dog owners. 

A Long Way To Go, Says Vidha Shukla

The founder of Lana Paws, Vidha Shukla says, “Indian cities do well enough on the pet-ready scale in terms of access to basic pet services such as vets and pet products. While this is heartening, it seems that we still need to go a long way in ensuring more pet-friendly attitudes as well as open spaces such as parks, in every neighborhood.”

Through the survey unfairness towards the stray dogs also came to light. More than 60% of participants feel that proper attention is not being given to maintain the health of stray dogs, keep them vaccinated and under birth control programs.

95% of people feel that India lacks proper education for the children that will make them more sympathetic towards the stray animals eventually leading to lesser conflicts with stray animals and dog bites.  



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