Most Bollywood Actors Are Under Drug Influence While Filming: Reveals Insider

In an explosive revelation, an insider familiar with the Bollywood industry has told Republic TV that all junior artists are well connected with drug dealers and that the senior artists procure drugs with the help of these juniors. He added that the ongoing investigation into the drug nexus to which Rhea Chakraborty’s brother Showik has been linked will ‘reveal a lot of names’.

‘Most actors under influence during shoots’

As the drug angle in the Sushant death probe gets bigger, the insider told Republic TV that that most actors take drugs and that the maximum number of them are under the influence while shooting. Stating that investigative agencies should have probed into the drug nexus earlier, the insider said that ‘drugs are also supplied to get a recommendation for a role’.


Providing specific details, he said that LSD paper is available for about Rs 1000- Rs 1100, and in bottles for 49 drops for Rs 12,000. He said that LSD is consumed in most parties in Mumbai and that drinks are easily spiked by using 1 drop of LSD. Furthermore, he said that specific sim cards are used for drug trading, and they are destroyed after the deal is done.

This explosive revelation comes right after Republic TV stung a drug peddler and exposed how easily drugs are available in Mumbai.

17 Big revelations lay bare Bollywood’s Drug usage:

Revelation 1: ‘Top actors get drugs through junior artists’


Revelation 2: ‘Juniors artists are connected to drug peddlers’

Revelation 3: ‘Junior artists do it to please their industry seniors’

Revelation 4: ‘Drugs supplied to get a recommendation for the role’


Revelation 5: ‘MD, ecstasy, LSD, paper are in the circulation now’

Revelation 6: ‘LSD paper is available for about Rs 1000- Rs 1100’

Revelation 7: ‘LSD available in bottles, 49 drops for Rs 12,000’


Revelation 8: ‘LSD consumed in most parties in Mumbai’

Revelation 10: ‘Drinks easily spiked by using 1 drop of LSD’

Revelation 11: ‘Maximum people in Bollywood do drugs’

Revelation 12: ‘Many builders are involved in drug racket’


Revelation 13: ‘Drug operations carried out in a secret manner’

Revelation 14: ‘Specific sim cards used for drug trading’

Revelation 15: ‘Post a drug deal sim cards usually destroyed’

Revelation 16: ‘Many things have been brushed under the carpet’

Revelation 17: ‘During shoots most actors under influence of drugs’


Republic TV’s Sting On A Drug Peddler

Earlier in the day, Republic TV has stung a drug peddler who admits that he can ‘arrange’ cannabis, marijuana, ‘white stuff’, MD, cocaine, and other drugs if he is informed ‘an hour before’. The drug peddler who is stung also says that a Bollywood actress had come to them for drugs for her party. He also assures that he will get ‘whatever drug is needed’ while warning Republic TV’s under-cover reporter to not ‘get him involved in any matter’.

The sting showed just how easy it is to buy a wide variety of drugs in India’s financial capital, and exposes how Bollywood celebs are directly involved in the buying and use of drugs.