Mortality Rate: As India records over 1 lakh cases, here’s how it fares in comparison with other countries

On Tuesday, India went passed 1,00,000 cases of COVID-19 positives in the country after four months of the first case. However, when compared to other countries, India’s growth rate and the mortality rate has been lower.

As per the data from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India took 64 days to go from 100 cases to 1,00,000 cases. The data, when compared to other severely affected countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, shows that India has done relatively well with the enforcement of lockdown on the 25th of March when it had only 600 cases.


The United States that has so far recorded the highest number of cases in the world took 25 days from a hundred infected patients to lakh infected patients. With over 1.4 million cases, the United States averages about 431 cases per lakh population. Italy, the worst-hit European country, took 36 days for the same jump. Italy averages 372 cases per lakh population with a total of 2,24,760 cases.

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Courtesy: The New Indian Express

The United Kingdom crossed 1 lakh cases in 42 days after it touched 100 cases. With a total of 2,40,161 cases, the United Kingdom averages 361 infections per lakh population. Similarly, France, Spain, and Germany have averages of 209, 210, and 494 cases per lakh population.

As per the WHO data, the world has recorded 4.5 million cases and the world average is 60 cases per lakh population.


Low Mortality Rate

Even as India rises in the number of cases with each passing day, the number of deaths per population has been significantly lower compared to the world average. India has about 0.2 deaths per lakh population while the world averages at 4.1 deaths per lakh population.

The hardest-hit country United States has the worst mortality rate per lakh population with 26.6. The index country of the novel coronavirus, China is at 0.3 mortality rate.

Since the pandemic first broke out in the country, India has recorded 101,139 positive cases. So far, out of those, 3,163 people have succumbed to the disease. Over 39,000 people have been successfully recovered from the disease taking the recovery rate to 38 percent. Out of the 58,000 active cases, the government says, only 2.9 percent are in Intensive Care Units.


Source: The Times of India