Monsoon And Stomach Infection – Here’s How To Safeguard Yourself

Monsoon has its own charm – it infuses a zeal to go out and embrace the weather after the scorching summer season. The rain showers, chilly weather, petrichor, and snacks make it all worth a while. However, monsoon is also the season when most people fall sick due to numerous reasons. Whether it’s a stomach infection, seasonal cold or even diseases like dengue and malaria – monsoon can be ruthless to those who don’t take precautionary measures.

There are many reasons why stomach infections can occur and why they are more prevalent in the monsoon season. Clinically, stomach infections are either caused by a virus or bacteria. These germs are found in almost all corners from our smartphones to doorknobs, keyboard, and other public spaces. Most of these germs that linger on such places can transfer from hands to mouth and cause stomach infection.


Hence, the best way to prevent stomach infection is by maintaining adequate hand hygiene. Washing hands with Dettol hand wash or carrying Dettol hand sanitizer is highly recommended not only during monsoon but otherwise also.

Other than that, here are the best ways to safeguard yourself against stomach infections this monsoon.

1. Maintain Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the most critical aspect when preventing yourself from a stomach infection. Germs are known to cause stomach infection that can eventually lead to diarrhea and vomiting. Optimal hand hygiene helps keep you safe during the monsoon season and beyond that.


You can use Dettol Hand Wash to wash your hands before and after eating or cooking food. However, washing hands is also a science and there’s actually a right and wrong way to do it. Remember to wash hands with enough Dettol Hand Wash and rub them for at least 30 seconds before rinsing with water and wiping with a paper towel.

2. Stay Away from Street Food

Monsoon season and pakoras are synonymous to each other. We all crave those piping hot samosas, dumplings and most of the street food during monsoon. However, during this season, street food is most likely to give you stomach infection. The primary reason for an increase in such instances is that most germs come directly in contact with the food item sold in the open air. Avoid airborne and waterborne disease this monsoon by skipping on street food items altogether.

3. Keep Away from Dirty Water

Puddles and clogged gutters during the monsoon season can make you extremely sick. They are the primary source of waterborne diseases like stomach infections, cholera, diarrhea and more. Germs can enter the body through the cracks in the skin. The best way to prevent this is by completely staying away from dirty water. However, if stepping in water is a necessity, make sure you’re well covered from head to toe. Keeping the feet closed is necessary, and you can wear gumshoes to ensure that feet are not infected.


4. Drink Safe Water

Drinking safe water is necessary, and this practice should be followed throughout the year. However, during the monsoon, this habit must be developed without fail. Boil water before drinking and use only RO water to be 100 percent sure. Microbes strive in monsoon because the weather is humid and it’s a favorable environment for germs to spread. Stomach infections caused by dirty water can be reduced if you respond appropriately.

5. Exercise

Exercise is associated with improved immunity and makes the body much more equipped to handle infections. Yes, monsoon makes it difficult to hit the gym, but you shouldn’t skip the gym during that time. If going to the gym is not possible, make sure to workout at home. You can do yoga or stretch to ensure your muscles and bones are lubricated. Furthermore, yoga also helps prevent pain and boosts the immune system. It helps fight infections and keeps one healthy.

Monsoon does make everyone in nature happy, but it also brings with itself a host of illnesses. In this season, the best thing to do is to safeguard yourself from its temperament that affects our health. Diseases like stomach infection can be effectively prevented with the five things mentioned above. Do make sure always to


have your hands cleaned. Use Dettol Hand Wash regularly and especially before eating, cooking food and after using the washroom. Stay alert, stay safe!