Monkey Finds A Mask And Wears It Like Humans, Netizens Reacted To Hilarious Video!

 Name one animal which actually imitates humans? The answer is loud and clear! It has to be a monkey.Since the global pandemic hit us badly in all ways it is advised to follow Covid protocols and primarily wearing masks is an important aspect.A hilarious video surfaced over the internet where a monkey is trying to wear a mask which was left over on the streets by someone.

Monkey Wears Mask

A former basketball player Rex Chapman took to the microblogging site to share a video where a tiny monkey was seen trying to wear a discarded face mask. The video has spread like wildfire on the internet and has left netizens amused, at the same time receiving appreciation as a monkey is trying to follow the protocols.


In the 27-second clip, a monkey spotted a face mask that was lying discarded on the road. It picked the mask up and tried to wear it across its face. It tried to walk away but the mask was all over its eyes, rendering it unable to see.The monkey stopped and tried to wear the mask again, without much success. The video ended with the monkey utterly confused.


The video went so crazy that people literally loved this innocent act and urged those who are in the state of denial to wear masks to at least have the brains and sense of a monkey.

Some Twitter Reactions

May this video at least invoke some sense to those fools who don’t even care to follow the norms and definitely seems like evolution is taking place in reverse order!! Hopefully Darwin had lived this era he might have rethought on his theory.