11 Money Saving Tips for Travel Freaks While On Vacations


As a famous proverb goes – Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled, every human being should travel to new destinations to enrich the lifesaving skills. They should also read books to enhance their knowledge. In recent times, travel vacations have become common, among people from all walks of life. There are many, who harbor doubts about the monetary aspects of travel enthusiasts. They speculate that persons who indulge in traveling are wealthy. Not necessarily. In this article, we give valuable information on 10 money saving tips for travel freaks while on vacations.

First, we should understand the statement, luck plays no part in realizing your dreams. Success comes only when preparation meets opportunity. Yes, you can travel to any part of the world. But it is necessary to know the money saving tips during the process. Be ready to take the long trip down to the article. You can save a hell lot of money. But we have made one-factor common. There are no mentions of free rides to any destination in the article.


Vacations and marriage events can make a large sum of money seem small. The main focus of Vacations and marriages is enjoyment, so, the money flows by the drain. But can you cut the cost? You can with the proper knowledge of demographics and slow-moving smart thoughts.

1.Pack Light

Travel experts emphasize the need for easy carry luggage. The reason – you do not face problems in international airports. In case, the items are more, then opt for backpacks. Ensure the valuables remains hidden. It cuts money during check-throughs, and also reduces the risk of luggage theft.

money saving trips on travel

2. Buy Essential Items

Never put off having a simple medical first aid kit, sunscreens, and toiletries. What will you do if they are more expensive at the new destination? You may also have to shop around for the shops, thus wasting precious time.

budget travel tips

3. Instant Shopping

Opt for the souvenirs at the last part of vacations. Do not go by instant gratification. You will end up as a loser. Visit, revisit the best shopping places and bargain with the shop owner. Make the best use of local language.

money saving trips on travel

4. Pack Food and Drinks

Is it a short vacation? For four days? Then prepare some healthy recipes which can withstand for two days. You can relish these foods even at the airport. Your family members will feel more at ease when munching on these foods.


5. Plan Your Stay

It becomes important to plan your stay before you head to a foreign country. You may have to stay at hotels to take care of the comfort of your family members. Usually, hotel fare at tourist places will be more and so you have to plan in advance. Also, the availability of rooms is something you cannot ignore. Today, we have trusted platforms on Internet which helps you to plan your stay. For an instance, you can check MakeMyTrip vouchers from Zingoy or Hotel booking websites like Expedia, Trivago, Yatra and others.

budget travel tips

6. Eat At Least One Local Dish

A travel vacation does not end if you have not savored the local dish. True, you may stay in hotels for two days. But there may be some shops which sell local recipes in the best of health at a low cost. Search on the internet, and walk the extra mile. You will feel overjoyed, and the best part you save money. Or else, you have to buy the same recipe worth a bomb in a five-star hotel.

money saving trips on travel

7. Free Tourist Attractions

Prepare plans before venturing on vacations. A tourist place will also have free parks and museums. Other places are the beach and mountains. You do not have to spend a dime in these places if you come with homemade food.


8. Use The Internet In Smart Way

If you are a foreigner on a trip to Bangalore, then we recommend making the best use of the internet. Search for discount coupons. We recommend you to check travel Coupons and Offers from DesiDime where you can get best deals & coupons which will help you to cut some cost for your travel. Also, there are some banks in India which offer travel loans, such as HDFC and ICICI which are equally worth checking.

budget travel tips

9. Public Transportation

It is a great resource. It is comfortable, you incur less cost when compared to an intercity flight. And the greatest part, you get to interact with the friendly local population.


10. Credit Card

You need not carry loads of currency in your purse. It is wise to have a credit card that does not charge for international expenses. Foreign exchanges exhibit some of the worse rates. The fees can cause a heavy shadow on the travel budget.

money saving trips on travel

11. In Groups

If you are going in a group, know your “wants,” and specify the details to the members. Do not be one among the pack and crib about expenses later. You can excuse yourself of a visit to the five-star hotel and have lunch in a local healthy restaurant.



We have written this article on money saving tips for travel freaks while on consulting the reputed travel experts. Only when they gave a thumbs-up on the content, we are sharing this with you. Hip Hip Hurray! If you wish to add anything to this list of tips then let us know in the comments below.



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