14 Key Moments From World Cup 2019 We All Have Enjoyed, Trolled, Celebrated, And Repented

world cup 2019 moments

With Martin Guptill’s run-out on July 14th, the world came to a standstill as they had witnessed probably one of the best games in the history of the sport. Most importantly, this game was a World Cup final, the moment of cusp which every kid who picks up a bat or ball wishes to be a part of.

The last 4 years have seen an improvement in the standards of the way in which the game is played. However, there are multiple other factors that have also affected the game. One such element is the rise of social media. Every single moment that happens on a cricket field gets noticed and in turn, this had added a unique dimension to the way this game is enjoyed by the fans.

On that note, here are a few instances that happened during the recently concluded World Cup that went absolutely bonkers on social media.

The Salute

The Caribbean cricketers are well-known for their celebrations on the field. However, one such celebration in this World Cup made us root for wickets to fall to a particular bowler. His name was Sheldon Cottrell and his “Salute” celebration was a talking point in the last few weeks.

world cup 2019 moments

A “Virat” Act

Indian captain Virat Kohli has got a great connection with the fans of our team. And when he urged them to stop booing Steve Smith and in turn cheer for him during the game, the whole world saluted this act of sportsmanship by the World’s Best Batsman.

world cup 2019 moments

The Trophy for the best expression goes to…

Pakistan team and fans have both given us umpteen moments of laughter at this World Cup. However, when a particular Pakistani fan put on this expression after seeing his teams batting collapse against Australia, even the ICC couldn’t resist itself from posting this expression which made all of us go LOL!

world cup 2019 moments

The Yawn

No description needs to be given about this moment. Just Watch, Laugh and Enjoy! And to realize that this happened when his team was in trouble, you can only feel sorry for our Pakistani counterparts.

world cup 2019 moments

The Trident

If it is their day, the West Indians are ruthless cricketers on the field. However, when Carlos Braithwaite fell inches off the target against New Zealand after 75 minutes of ruthlessness, you wished that maybe, just maybe, the ball could have indeed crossed the ropes.

The ball of this World Cup

Mitchell Starc’s yorker to Ben Stokes which got the big left-hander nowhere to go was indeed one of the best balls bowled in this tournament. The stumps flying and Starc’s celebration after the wicket all added to the joy of the moment.

world cup 2019 moments

Rihanna in the stands

West Indian singer Rihanna appeared in the stands in one of the games to support her countrymates at the World Cup. Although her team didn’t give her much to cheer about, her presence in the game was indeed a moment to savour for the fans.

Charulatha Patel ji

An 87-year-old’s passion for the Indian Cricket Team was captured in the stands during our game against Bangladesh which won the hearts of many. Rohit and Virat greeted her after the game and these photos did make merry on social media.

world cup 2019 moments

The “Manjrekar Roast”

Sanjay Manjrekar’s ‘bits and pieces cricketer’ comment on Ravindra Jadeja was just the trigger which set off a series of trolls, memes, and jokes on the former Indian cricketer. And when Jaddu himself trolled Manjrekar with his performances on the field, the much-criticized commentator had no way to go back from the netizens.

world cup 2019 moments

Dhoni’s run-out

A moment which will be remembered as a nightmare for every fan of the Indian Cricket Team for years to come, Dhoni’s run-out in the semifinal against New Zealand made plenty of rounds in social media. This moment could have well been the last time we had seen MS in the blue shirt and hence, this picture will forever be clear in our memories.

world cup 2019 moments

Hit Man In the World Cup

He was the best player at this World Cup and to bow out of the tournament at that juncture, his crestfallen image had drawn Rohit many sympathizers. This image reminded us of the fact that “Cricket is more than just a game”.

world cup 2019 moments

The Overthrows

The 2019 World Cup winner would have been different today had the ball not decided to hit a flying bat at this moment. This was indeed the moment that changed the hands that held the coveted trophy.

The Super-Over

Many of us would have imagined a ‘perfect’ finish to a World Cup final. However, hardly any of us would have thought that a Super-Over could decide the champions. The situation did materialize and with a tie in the super-over too, we had just witnessed the ultimate game in the history of the sport.

world cup 2019 moments

A Gentlemen’s game

The final few moments of the World Cup final was the true exhibition of this sport. The hands of Chris Woakes on Jimmy Neesham’s shoulders after the final reiterated the fact as to why the game of cricket is called the Gentlemen’s game.

So, it was almost 45 Days, 48 Matches filled with loads of fun and thrilling moments. Thank you ICC and yes, you could have done better with venue and rules, but still, it was a great tournament indeed!




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