Modi Has Performed Better Than Trump and Putin: New York Times Praises PM’s Coronavirus Response

In a surprising move by the New York Times, on Saturday, the highly-followed newspaper published several lines which appeared to praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts during the Coronavirus crisis. However, the matter is surprising, because going by their past coverage of the Indian leader, it is obvious that the publication was never a big fan of the Indian Prime Minister.

Modi has performed better than Trump and Putin

Comparing Mr. Modi’s work with that of two other prominent world leaders, New York Times wrote: “Recent opinion polls show that in the past few months Mr. Modi’s already high approval ratings have soared even higher, touching 80, even 90 percent. Unlike two of the populist leaders to whom he is often compared, President Trump and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, Mr. Modi seems to be thriving in this crisis.


The newspaper further added that if India wipes out Coronavirus completely, then PM Modi would become stronger in the country.

source: breitbart

Further comments by the newspaper

The publication also had few more comments to make about Modiji. They wrote: “Mr. Modi’s success, analysts say, maybe more durable. He’s widely seen as a mobilizer, not a despot, which may explain why his nationwide stay-at-home lockdown, which he dropped on the country with four hours’ notice, has been largely obeyed. Even the softer, feel-good exercises he has insisted on, like asking Indians to stand in their doorways and clap at a certain time, or to light candles at another, have been followed by millions.

It needs to be noted that throughout the piece, the New York Times has delivered multiple subtle jibes against Mr. Modi. However, comparing this article to their previous editorials, this piece was a more balanced take on the state of affairs in India.


Source: Free Press Journal