Modi 2.0 Record-breaking Parliamentary Session: 36 Bills Passed In 281 Hours

The Narendra Modi government is taking full advantage of its massive majority in the Parliament by passing landmark bills like Triple Talaq Bill, scrapping Article 370, and more. Reports indicate that in its first session of the Parliament the Modi-led government in its second term have indeed completed work at marathon pace passing maximum Bills, the most in last 67 years.

Record-breaking Session

The first session after the Lok Sabha elections 2019 was rocked by landmark Bills with around 36 bills getting passed in the Parliament. In the seven cases, the decision was taken based on recorded voting (21%) at some point in between the discussion. It is higher than that was achieved in the 16th Lok Sabha in which only 8% of recorded voting was done for the passing of Bills.  


Ever since the Modi government has taken charge in its second term, Lok Sabha has worked for 281 hours. It means the House worked 135% out of the scheduled hours, much higher than any other session in the past two decades. Center purposely extended the sessions so that the legislative business could be completed quickly and nothing is left pending.  

38 Bills Introduced In First Parliament Session

The government introduced 38 Bills during the first session out of which 28 were passed in both the Houses. It is the highest for any session in more than a decade. Importantly, all the Bills were discussed in the Houses without being referred to any committee. Also around 94% first-term MPs and 96% of women MPs participated in these sessions of the Parliament.

The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) with 303 members has a majority in the Lok Sabha, however, the party and its alliance still are in minority in the Rajya Sabha. But walkout or decision to abstain from voting by some of the Oppositions helped the government to successfully pass the Bills at such a rapid speed.