MLA Renukacharya Writes ‘Tapaar’ Instead Of ‘Topper’ While Wishing A Student, Internet Is Laughing


The Member of Legislative Assembly from Honnali district Karnataka, MP Renukacharya has come to under the radar of Twitter recently for a recent tweet.

In the wake of the announcement of SSLC results, MP Renukacharya took to Twitter to tweet about a girl from his district who had scored 622 marks out of 625 and also secured the fourth rank in the state. However, the tweet didn’t come out as he intended to. A small typographical error in the tweet – Tapaar for Topper in Kannada – sparked off a laugh fest for Netizens on Twitter.


Renukacharya (1)

However, the leader was soon to realize his mistake and deleted the tweet immediately. Within minutes, the leader tweeted the correct version of the tweet and wrote,

“Another student from Honnali is a topper! Honnali’s Durgigudi layout’s Stella Mary’s School student Nityashri has scored 622 marks in the SSLC exam. With this, she secured the second rank in Davangere region and fourth in the state. I congratulate her.”

The leader has not been new to trolling. A year ago, during the Karnataka floods, the leader visited the flood-affected regions and staged an act where he is trying to operate a small boat. While the people around him hold the boat from below, it is clear that the water level is not as deep as the leader wanted it to be. To add to it, while the video was being filmed, one could see vehicles like bikes and cycles moving behind the leader.