‘Missing’ Posters Of BJP MP Gautam Gambhir Crop Up in Delhi

missing posters of gambhir

As the pollution in New Delhi gets worse by the day, the political scenario also seems to go down under as days go by.

Recently, posters of Gautam Gambir which read “MISSING!” were put up all over New Delhi after he missed a serious meeting about the worsening condition of air quality in the capital.

A panel was set up to discuss the probable solutions regarding Delhi’s growing pollution and smog but out of 29 officials from the environment ministry, Delhi authority and municipal council who were invited, only 4 of them showed up.


The meeting was missed by Gautam Gambhir as well who is a member of parliament from East Delhi.

Gambhir is currently in Indore, Madhya Pradesh for India v Bangladesh Test Series as he is one of the commentators.

The ruling party in New Delhi, AAP said that Gambhir was aware of the meeting and chose to miss it despite it being an important panel.


AAP Jangpura MLA Praveen Kumar even put up a poster of Gambhir. “MISSING! Have you seen this man? Last seen eating jalebi and poha with friends in Indore. Please- information needed,” the poster read.

Coming to Gambhir’s defense, BJP Delhi Chief Manoj Tiwari said that Gambhir has a marriage function at home and will be busy for 3 days. He also blamed AAP for the pollution and it’s inaction and asked why Member of Parliaments was being blamed.