10 Things You’ll Surely Miss About Bengaluru When You Move Out Of This Amazing City

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This is a tribute from our freelance writer who is moving away from Bengaluru. Here is his experience about the city he fell in love with. 

There comes a time in all our lives when we must step out of our comfort zone. In my case, the second time to do so has come. Bengaluru was more than a land of endless opportunities for me. It was more than just the city where I was pursuing my first college degree. Bengaluru had become my third home, after my hometown, and my school. Here are ten things I will miss most about the city I fell in love with.


The Cleanliness

Never have I seen a city so clean and well kept. From strict rules on the usage of plastic bags to the well-organized waste management system, I was impressed with the cleanliness of the city from the beginning, and this is something I would really want to take back with me, to be implemented at my hometown.

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The Cuisine

Simple, filling, nutritious and delicious are the four elements of the Kannada cuisine, and I had always looked forward to trying new kinds of food which I would never get to experience elsewhere. Be it a plate of curd rice or ragi mudde, there was never a moment of regret when I tried something new, at Darshinis, at the food streets or at the delightfully chaotic biryani joints.

aramane donne biryani


Never before have I interacted with people so welcoming, so warm and so helpful. In fact, it was really heartwarming to see Bengalureans speak to me in Hindi in a bid to help me out, and to bond with me. In fact, I made a large number of friends at college and wherever I worked, who were Bengalureans. You guys truly are amazing!


love bengaluru

The Culture and the Occasional Getaways

From the story of Onake Obavva to the legends and stories behind various temples and places of interest, the rich culture and heritage of Karnataka have been nothing short of mind-blowing to me. There’s so much to Karnataka that India needs to know! Another thing I’ll really miss is the occasional road trip with my friends – to Moodbidri, to Gokarna, and to Mangaluru. Not only were these trips fun, but they also introduced me to new experiences and places I would have otherwise never known.


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The Filter Kaapi

The filter kaapi I have enjoyed here is amazing enough to put Starbucks to shame (no kidding). Not only has filter kaapi been way more refreshing than the instant coffee or the heavily marketed cappuccinos and frappes, but has also been something unlike what I would ever taste elsewhere. This is what I have found way more fulfilling than any other culinary quest I had ever set out on.


mdp coffee house

The Cafes, Bakeries, and Pubs

The bakeries of Bengaluru are always at their creative best, and never cease to amaze me, with their own bread and biscuits, besides the other delights they sell. Visiting some of these bakeries which are over a century old will always be memorable to me, and will never be replaced by other memories.

Being a creative misfit myself, I have loved the cafes of Bengaluru way more than words can justify, and have admired how each cafe has its own unique feature. How these cafes have been creative and unique, despite being so many in number has left me amazed each time I visit one of these.

Bakeries of Bangalore

The pubs in Bengaluru are the first and definitely the best ones I will have ever been to. Coming from a strict family, alcohol had always been a strict ‘NO’ in the household, but there was no looking back, once I was in my favorite city, and on my own! With each pub having a uniquely pleasant vibe to it, there’s no way another city’s pubs could match the awesomeness of the ones in Bengaluru!


The Music and the Concerts

Bengaluru has an insane number of amazingly talented musicians, and I’m not talking about the college seniors I have hung out with! In a city so happening, it has always brought me great joy to watch aspiring musicians get opportunities to perform at various events, be it a gig at the Humming Tree or Blue Frog, or at an amazing college fest.

This city is also very lucky to have had an amazing number of international artists perform here every year. I was indeed lucky to have witnessed some of these concerts and musicians and to have experienced the magic of their awe-inspiring music.

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The ‘Systematic Chaos’

Love it or not, you cannot ignore the pivotal role of Bengaluru traffic in your life. Though congested, it is amazing to see how well the traffic police do their duty and ensure that when the vehicles get going, they do so in an orderly manner. What is also surprising is the way I bonded with my friends on the bus or in their car, due to the additional time taken, thanks to the traffic congestions during peak hours!


The Openness to Technology

No city accepts apps as a part of their lives the way Bengaluru does, and this has helped new startups thrive. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Bengaluru gets several first-hand opportunities to experience a new service or idea. Having seen many other cities accept these ideas much later, the adaptive nature of Bengalureans is something I have learned to be part of, and have been fortunate enough to witness it myself.


love bengaluru

The Way of Life

The chilled out, laid back and tech-savvy life of Bengaluru cannot be found in any other city, and this is something I will really miss seeing around me. Be it street artists, the pub hopping, the timeless bookstores, the road trips, and several other aspects, I’m sure that there’s still more to Bengaluru than what I’ve known, and I will definitely be looking forward to another visit to this city, which I helplessly fell in love with.

love bengaluru

I have been so fortunate to be part of a city so open-minded that entrepreneurs embrace it as their own, and one so kind and loving that I hate to part ways with it. Till then, I hope to tell as many people I can, about the amazingly beautiful city I so wish was my own, and about how I shall always long to meet the wonderful people there, again.

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