Mirzapur In Kannada: Sandalwood Actors Who Could Have Fit The Roles Perfectly

Mirzapur Season 2 is right in the headlines at the moment. After a blockbuster inaugural season, Amazon Prime had grasped the fans anticipating for the second offering. The second season of the show premiered on October 23rd and has unlocked decent reviews.

Although it’s been sluggish, the web-series scene will shift in regional languages. While Bollywood has adhered to the trend, the other industries are steadily shaping their moves.


In Kannada, too, we could see a few web-series’ in the prospect. However, if Mirzapur had occurred in Sandalwood, who would have performed the roles? Here is our take on the proposition in the below headings:

Guddu Pandit – Dhananjaya

Ali Fazal redefined himself with Guddu Pandit in Mirzapur. The way he carried himself, be it with his physique or his preparations for the character was fantastic. Dhananjaya is our pick to play Guddu Pandit in Sandalwood. While the physical attributes can be easily taken care of, Dhananjaya is a terrific actor too.

Bablu Pandit – Rishi

Bablu Pandit had a rather interesting role in this series. Someone who resided in the ‘good part of the bad’, Kavaludaari-fame Rishi is a decent option to fill in the shoes. While Rishi has the ‘chocolate-boy’ look to him, he can also ace the action avatar.


Pandit Mom & Dad – Achyuth Kumar and Sudharani

Rajesh Tailang and Sheeba Chadda have made themselves a name with their pairing as a couple in two web-series’ (Mirzapur and Bandish Bandits). For Sandalwood, the duo of Achyuth Kumar and Sudharani can come close in terms of suitability to the characters.

Kaleen Bhaiya – Prakash Raj

Pankaj Tripathi is almost irreplaceable in this role. However, when you talk about Sandalwood, maybe, Prakash Raj can do equally better. Prakash Raj is a versatile talent and has actually essayed similar roles in Tollywood and Kollywood.

Bauji – Ravi Belagere

Despite staying in almost staying a single costume and location, Bauji had a great impact on the audience. We feel Ravi Belagere is someone who could replicate this, at least, in terms of looks and impact.


Munna Tripathi – Rakesh Adiga

Casting Divyendu as Munna was one of the best decisions made by the makers of Mirzapur. We also feel that this character is the most difficult to recast. Nonetheless, Rakesh Adiga does seem adaptable to the role with a makeover. Rakesh also has a decent filmography to prove his case.

Beena Tripathi – Priyamani 

Although Rasika Dugal had a limited role in season one, her screen-time was more in the recently released sequel. Priyamani is a terrific actress and is capable of pulling off a role like that of Beena Tripathi.

Golu Gupta – Teju Belawadi 

Just like Munna, Golu Gupta is also a difficult character to find another actor. With much hassle though, we have picked Gantumoote’s Teju Belawadi for the role. If a lot of work is put into the makeover part, there is a good possibility that Teju would be able to reprise this character.


Sweety Gupta – Nithyashri

Sweety Gupta’s character relaxed the mood in season one. Nithyashri might be one Sandalwood actress who can do such a role. The pair of Dhananjaya and Nithyashri also looks great.

Sharad Shukla – Chethan

Sharad Shukla had an important role to play in the second season. If it was Sandalwood, our pick would have been Chethan. While he fits in the profile of the role, Chethan is also a decent actor to essay the character.

JP Yadav – Sharath Lohitashwa

JP Yadav had a lot of screentime in season two. In Sandalwood, there cannot be a better actor than Sharath Lohitashwa to essay the role. The actor fits the role of ‘JP Yadav’ from all quarters.

Maqbool – Raj Deepak Shetty

‘Loyalty’ in human form, Maqbool is yet another intriguing character in the scheme of things. We need a well-built actor with a subtle look, and hence, Raj Deepak Shetty might be an interesting pick.