Ministry of Home Affairs Accidentally Posts Photo of Royal Stag Liquor And Chakna

MOH (1)

It does not happen quite often that accidentally people in power messes things on social media but when it does, it becomes a talking point because it is hilarious. The one on the receiving end of all the jokes is the official Facebook handle of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The official handle of the Ministry of Home Affairs accidentally shared a picture of a whiskey bottle along with Chakna while the post was meant to talk about the relief work of West Bengal Cyclone. The handle also shared the pictures of the relief work along with the picture of the Whiskey bottle. The caption said,


“NDRF continues restoration at Deulpur, Panchla Block, Howrah District, West Bengal.”

Courtesy: Twitter

However, the post was deleted soon but the netizens have already taken the screenshots. Here are the reactions on Twitter.