Namma Bengaluru is Ranked India’s Most Millennial Friendly City, Oh Sakkath Guru!

Millennial Friendly City

Namma Ooru Idu Bengaluru, there’s something about this ooru! Yes, there’s something magical about this city which is holding us to its roots and charm. It was once called as Pensioner’s Paradise and now this Ooru is ranked India’s most-millennial friendly city. Sakkath Hot Maga!

According to a study by Singapore-based financial analysis site ValueChampion, three Indian cities are ranked in the list of top 20 millennial-friendly cities in Asia Pacific region. Singapore ranked number one on the list while Tokyo and Hong Kong stand at 3rd and 4th positions respectively.


Bengaluru Ranks 18th While New Delhi and Mumbai rank 19th

As far as India’s scene is concerned, three cities are the most preferred location for the age 18-24 age group. In this context, Bengaluru ranks 18th while New Delhi and Mumbai rank 19th.

Millennial Friendly City
Source: cnbctv18

Primary factors considered for this study include easy connectivity and job opportunities. On the other hand, these three cities of India offer diversity in its culture as they shelters people migrated from other places. Also, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru are home for India’s top-most colleges, headquarters of major firms which eventually makes it convenient for people who are looking to migrate.

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Other Factors Considered:

– Employment prospects
– Cost of Living
– Quality of Life

The employment prospects consider the total unemployment rates, the GDP growth, GDP per capita, and wage quality between genders. Cost of living includes the cost of housing and entertainment while the quality of life accounts to safety, health, and child mortality, among others.

Millennial Friendly City

The study has calculated the cost of housing by dividing the average monthly rent in each city by the respective country’s GDP per capita. Interestingly, the cost of entertainment is calculated using the average price of a pint beer in each city as a stand-in. According to the study, Delhi is the sixth most affordable place for the cost of entertainment; Bengaluru is the eight most and Mumbai, the eleventh most.


Info source: cnbctv18, Featured image source (T-shirt): Mankutimma Studios (An apparel store where one can buy trendy Tees)

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