Michael Vaughan Wants To Know How Trump Will Pronounce This Pakistan Cricketer’s Name

source: twitter

US President Donald Trump during his two-day India visit made a lot of vocal errors that disappointed quite a few Indians. From calling Swami Vivekananda as Viveka-mu-and and Sanchin Tendulkar as Soo-chin Tendul-Kerr, Trump had a lot of problems despite doing his homework well. Meanwhile, Michael Vaughan Trolled Donald Trump for mispronouncing the names of cricketing legend and wondered what would he do if he visits Pakistan.

Trump got it all wrong 

At the ‘Namastey Trump’ event, Donald Trump created a stir amongst the cricket fans after he mispronounced the names of cricketing legends Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli.


Trump addressing the audience said. “This is the nation where your people praise on some of the world’s greatest cricket players, from Soo-chin Tendul-Kerr to Virot Kohl-ee.”


ICC, who was quick to respond to Trump’s statement and released a hilarious mock video of them changing Sachin Tendulkar’s name to “Soo-chin” in their standard database, with a caption: “Sach-Such-Satch-Sutch-Sooch-Anyone know?”


Michael Vaughan trolls Trump 

Former England captain Michael Vaughan too joined the mock and tweeted to Tendulkar saying, “How are you today Sue Chin.”

This is not it, the cricketer further trolled Trump as he said he wants him to visit Pakistan next and say the name of the cricketer Fakhar Zaman. “Can’t wait for @realDonaldTrump to visit Pakistan & see how he pronounces Fakhar Zaman,” he tweeted.

Not many liked Vaughan’s tweet. Dheeraj who tweets @_iamdheeraj lashed at former England skipper for not pronouncing Tendulkar’s name right.


The angry young man further went on and described Vaughan as a****** and revealed that the 45-year-old former cricketer will learn a lesson for trolling the legendary Indian batsman.

“You’re a fucking a***ole, Michael Vaughan!!! You’ll learn a lesson soon for trolling the legends like Sachin Tendulkar!!! You better know how to pronounce your name Vaughan or Wuhan ( the city where coronavirus came from) get the hell out of here,” Dheeraj’s tweet to Vaughan read.

Vaughan came back with a calm reply. He didn’t bother taking it to seriously as he gave a suitable reply. He retweeted and said that the Twitter user takes life too seriously and needs to have a brew.