Meet The Beast, Donald Trump’s Safest Car In The World

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What will be your answer if someone asks you about the safest place to be in. Well, by the time you keep scratching your head, the American President will have no problem answering it. He has one of his cars that could do the job. Let us introduce to you ‘The Beast’, wheels that make Donald Trump the safest man in the world.

President’s Limo

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump drove around India in their ‘Beast’, which is a 2018 model of a unique Cadillac Lemo. The official President’s car is usually maintained by the United States Secret Service which is transported in the hold of Air Force One. It is considered as the safest car in the world.


It is unclear whether President Donald Trump is car-loving personalty, but one thing is sure that he travels around in one of the most exclusive automobiles on the planet.

source: hindustantimes

 Features of the car

  • It is said that the outer composition of The Beast is wrapped in military-grade armor at least five inches thick.
  • The doors of The Beast also come in armored-plated. It is 8 inches thick and the weight of a cabin door is close to a Boeing 757 jet door.
  • When Cadillac doors are closed, they form a 100% seal to protect the residents in the appearance of chemical attacks. The car can also produce an electric shock to prevent intruders.
  • The windows of the car hold five layers of glass and polycarbonate which can resist armor-piercing bullets. Moreover, none of the windows can be opened except for the driver’s window, which can open only 3 inches.
source: metro
  • The body of The Beast has strengthened steel plates which will protect the vehicle from unknown bomb attacks.
  • The wheels are shred and puncture-resistant with steel rims below. This enables the car to run even in case the tires are damaged.
  • Inside The Beast, the beauty wheels accommodate the President and up to four passengers with a glass wall. Only the President has access to a switch to lower it.
  • The car also comes in with a panic button that alerts security forces in case of an emergency. The car also has its own oxygen supply.
source: indiatoday
  • The President will also have access to a satellite phone which is a direct line to the Vice President and the Pentagon.
  • The fuel tank is armored-plated and packed with a special foam that stops it from exploding even after being involved in a crash.
    The boot part of the vehicle has a firefighting system, tear gas and smoke-screen containers.
  • There are Bags that carry President’s blood type which is kept on board in case he needs a transmission. The driver’s compartment has a communications center and a GPS tracking system.
source: theeconomictimes
  • At the front, under the grille is a hidden camera with the night-vision facility. It can also lay down oil slick to prevent vehicles from chasing it. The car is armed with pump-action shotguns and tear gas cannons.
  • The driver who drives The Beast is specially trained by the US Secret Service to fight with the most demanding of driving conditions, including escape and avoidance and a 180-degree ‘J-turn’.