Meet Sudhir Shivaram, World’s Most Influential Wildlife Photographer From Karnataka

sudhir shivaram
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Sudhir Shivaram is a world-famous wildlife photographer who chose photography as his career after enjoying a successful, lucrative and long career in the IT industry. He is an engineer by profession, a teacher by intuition and more importantly, a photographer by passion. Sudhir managed to break the traditional pathway of following the same career routine. Now he is an inspiration for those who want liberation from their mundane life and want to try something new, fulfill their dreams.

sudhir shivaram

Bid Adieu To Corporate Jungle To Embrace Wild Life Photography

Even when Shivaram was enjoying a lucrative IT career his passion for photography did not diminish even a bit. He made sure to keep on photographing and never lost his touch. And finally, he took the call and gave in to his innate desire to become a professional and passionate wildlife photographer. He is an ardent proponent of wildlife protection and through his technically sophisticated and character-evocative pictures, he makes sure that others understand the importance of wildlife preservation. He invests a lot of his time to raise awareness about wildlife and nature through his images.

The Most Influential Wildlife Photographer 

Sudhir Shivaram was appointed as a Canon contract photographer and one of the brand ambassadors for Canon India. In 2012, he was awarded the Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He was included in the Top Ten Most Influential People in the photography industry in India list by the Asian Photography Magazine consecutively for four years since 2015.

He also received India’s “First” Most Influential Award from a selected group of creative and internationally acclaimed people in 2018. An image of Sudhir Shivaram won the prestigious Yellow Border Award for the best cover of a worldwide National Geographic Traveller India’s magazine published in 14 languages in 2013. These worldwide editorial awards were held in Washington D.C. at the National Geographic Society.

sudhir shivaram

Facebook Chats By Shivaram

Sudhir Shivaram started Facebook chats related to photography that are now hugely popular across the social media network. In just one year, more than 3.5 million people across the world viewed the different live videos broadcasts on Facebook. Videos offering insight into the wildlife in National Parks around Tanzania/Kenya and India became the most popular.

Incidentally, it was Shivaram who in 2015 first did a live broadcast from the Masai Mara of the great migration on Facebook.

sudhir shivaram
Credits – sudhir shivaram

Tutorials And Classes

Sudhir Shivaram Photography Private Limited conducts photography learning tours and introduces the participants to various wildlife places across India as well as Africa. The first of its kind video-based online photography tutorials by Sudhir work on the basis of the subscription model. Over the last few years since its launch in December 2015, aspiring photographers have responded enthusiastically to this model. As of today, there are more than thousand subscribers of this video tutorials.

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