Meet Shenzyn – A Ray Of Hope For All Professionals That Focuses On Diversity Hiring

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If the future is diversity then organizations like Shenzyn, a diversity-focused hiring marketplace arrives as a ray of hope for all professionals in India and overseas. 

What is Shenzyn?

Shenzyn is a marketplace for diversity growth. It’s an exclusive platform for a diverse workforce to enhance their career through employment, professional guidance, mentorship, hiring events, etc. Shenzyn makes smart use of AI and Blockchain to deliver the best match between your search and the opportunities to create, design, reshape your career. It’s a comprehensive global product focusing on diversity and inclusion.  


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Their story

Mr. Muralidhar Teppala and Mr. Samir Ghosh are well experienced & well-known names in the hiring world. They come with rich experience and a deep understanding of the latest market trends as far as talent management is concerned. 


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As innovators, they felt the strong need to have a tech-smart platform that concentrates on diversity talent. As many big organizations are considering diversity hiring as one of their primary objectives, the industry lacks a tech-based hiring marketplace for diversity. That’s how Shenzyn was conceptualized. The CEO and Founder Muralidhar explained,

“We wanted to make sure we start creating impact the moment we enter into the market. Many startups and established organizations are working towards diversity hiring but we wanted to take a step ahead. With the use of technology and machine learning, we intend to be the platform that stays with your professional life even before you start working and throughout your professional journey as well.’’ 

Samir Ghosh. COO and Co-founder of Shenzyn mentioned,


“The world is moving towards smart tech and the talent fulfillment universe cannot be left behind. Our application will introduce many new, innovative ways for the entire ecosystem to function in a smarter fashion. We are introducing platforms for large enterprises, users/consumers & other small to mid-scale partners. Our initiative will back the fulfillment process and bring the most relevant matches with the use of future Tech i.e. Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart bots, etc.” 

Arun Iyer CTO of Shenzyn expressed,

“With Shenzyn, we have envisioned bringing a smart diversity hiring marketplace where we are relooking at hiring processes and how AI and NLP capabilities can enhance the outcomes. For job seekers, this could manifest as identification of gaps in profiles to what is required in the industry, better recommendations based on their profile and preference. For companies wanting to hire for diversity, they get a better pool for the marketplace model of hiring, better classification, and ranking of prospects with AI along with filtering of fraudulent profiles and profiles with anomalies. For hiring partners ( HR consultancy) and training partners ( Training providers), the platform provides access to more opportunities, as well as AI-driven competitive intelligence and market analysis which can help them better their business prospects.’’ 


A diversity-based hiring marketplace 

Shenzyn comes up with a clear objective, giving an opportunity to more and more diverse talent. Already more than 50000 + women professionals have registered on the platform and are receiving exclusive opportunities tailor-made for them. Organizations who want to hire diverse talent exclusively can register themselves as employers / hiring partners here –

Skill development programs through the marketplace for training 

In today’s world, upskilling is crucial. Shenzyn has exclusive training programs for students and working professionals who can make them industry ready at any stage of their careers. 

She engage 

Many women professionals have to press pause on their career growth. There can be many legit reasons for it but returning to work should not be a difficult task for them. Many women find it very difficult and less confident while coming back to work after a considerable break.  Shenzyn plans to solve this problem by getting exclusive opportunities for women returning to work. Shenzyn is already working with a few MNCs to bring back women to work. 


She coach  

If used well, mentor-mentee relationships can be extremely useful. But many times professionals find it difficult to find the right mentor. To bridge this gap, Shenzyn intends to build a platform where professionals can find the mentor that’s right for them. That mentor can give them guidance, push them towards the right direction, and motivate them to achieve more. 

Then to Now

Shenzyn was launched on 2nd Jan 2020. With an overwhelming response from the industry, job seekers, and other stakeholders, in the last 6 months, Shenzyn has come up with a number of initiatives that amplified the brand presence and took the brand in the right direction. 

Shenzyn has bagged 50 + clients including Sopra, Attra, SLK, Emids, FIS, Smart Karrot, etc. As diverse employees is a future for many international organizations as well, Shenzyn is soon going global with its first overseas office in the US. 

Noteworthy initiatives

Shenzyn has opened doors for a specially-abled workforce by getting exclusive opportunities for them. 

SheConverse events & webinars

Shenzyn organized exclusive panel discussions in major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi. More than 100 HR leaders attended these panel discussions and put across their points of view about the gender gap, pay parity, career 2.0, and many more. The same concept was taken forward by organizing SheConverse Webinars.  


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When the lockdown was announced in March 2020 due to COVID, Shenzyn managed to pull more than 40 webinars in the span of 3 months. All these Webinars focused on topics that can be proved helpful to all professionals in their journey. Many leaders from India and even other countries like the US and UK, Asia came forward and spoke about topics like emotional intelligence, PoSH, freelancing, and many more. 

In the coming year, Shenzyn intends to initiate many programs that will help you and your professional journey. 

Shenzyn already has 100+ job opportunities and by registering with the website, you can be a part of the ecosystem.