Meet Sarita Karunakaram From Bengaluru Who Has Recognized Beauty Amongst Useless Scraps

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Finding a potential beauty out of junk itself is an art. Meet Sarita Karunakaram who has spent all her time creating awesome material using scrap parts. Discarded pipes, frying pan, tires, broken glasses, etc are all such material that people throw away, but Sarita had created a passion to make junks into fascinating decor pieces.

Creating something out of nothing

The 40-year-old Sarita Karunakaram, who hails from Hyderabad, sells her home decor items like lamps, chandeliers and more created from scrap.

Creating something out of nothing, the concept came into Sarita when she saw that she had trash around that could be turned into beautiful pieces of decor. “Even while doing the smallest of things like making chapatis, ideas of changing the frying pan into a clock or a painting keep coming up. Over time I think I have developed a skill for looking at things differently,” she said.

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After quitting the job a year ago, Sarita started Rasta Creations, where she wanted to expand her business by selling her home decor stuff to the people. Instead of heading to the art supply store, people would prefer to buy products from Sarita as she just collects common trash and turns it into works of amazing art.

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Sarita does not consider scrap to be waste products, she feels they are all useful and can be fabricated to make something better. However, if she does not find any scrap in her surrounding she would simply buy materials from old scrap dealers, old cycle puncture shops, old markets that still sell items that people don’t use.

Finding potential beauty out of scrap

“In 2018, I quit my job in finance because of some health issues. After a while, I needed to kill time when I was free. As a child, I was fond of creating craft and painting. To continue that passion, I moved back to creating crafts. I began looking around inside the house and the idea hit me. I first used an old cycle wheel and chains to make a chandelier out of it. I discovered some old and worn out car tires that my husband had put aside and decided to refurbish them and turn it into a seating arrangement,” she said.

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Sarita and her family currently are in Bengaluru, where they shifted 17 years ago. “Everybody in my family is surprised, nobody thought we can make such things out of these scrap materials. My relatives and family members, before throwing away anything, think about me if I can make something out of it,” she said.

The Rasta Creations is 6 months old, and till now she has created 60 different pieces for which she has been receiving positive reviews. She does all the work from polishing the materials, coloring them and as far as possible, fixing the wires and cables when needed. When it comes to more difficult things like welding metals together, she goes to a trusted shop she has who does the work for her.

source: facebook

The 40-year-old believes that her craft works would reach out to the maximum number of people in the future. She connects people who want such home decors through Facebook. “I don’t have a website yet, I sell through Facebook and at currently,” she says.





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