Meet Purushottam P – A Bengalurian Who Keeps His Water Bill To Just 100 With Zero-Waste Management

Come summer and everyone starts worrying about water shortage and power cut. Similarly, the disposal of waste is also a huge problem in most of the metro cities. In big cities like Bangalore where the population is growing and evolving at a rapid pace, such problems keep on rising. But there are especially dedicated people like the former Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) technician Purushottam P who knows how to make the best from the waste and overcome problems like water paucity.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

Meet The Zero Waste Warrior- Puroshottam P

Famous as a zero waste warrior, Purushottam P has been using kitchen waste since 1996 to develop compost as manure for plants. Initially, Purushottam and his team used to collect door-to-door garbage and compost it into manure. Since more than a decade his water bill has never crossed INR 100 because his 60,000 liters rain-water harvesting is sufficient to fulfill all his daily water requirements through the year.


So, Purushottam P not only manages waste very effectively but also teaches you how to save water and make less use of the resources so freely offered by nature. If the entire country starts following this zero waste warrior, there will be no garbage or water shortage problem. According to Purushottam, they have not handed wet waste to garbage collectors for the last many years as they use it to develop compost. This compost is used for the plants in the surroundings.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

Zero-Waste Lifestyle

According to Purushottam, the compost thus formed do not have any bad odor and hence anyone can do the process at home. If anyone is interested in learning the way a wet waste is converted into compost he/she can join the classes taken by Purushottam every now and then.

The former technician takes related classes for local communities in Pai Layout, and Ramamurthy Nagar and other areas and help you to maintain a zero-waste lifestyle. He also conducts classes on waste management and maintaining a pollution-free environment at Thambu Chetty Palya.


Learning Lesson Of Rainwater Harvesting

Another accomplishment of Purushottam is rainwater harvesting. When most of the locals are worried about the availability of water in summer, Purushottam has no such worry. It is because by using effective rainwater harvesting technique he manages to save 60,000 rainwater in two sumps with the capacity of 30,000 liters each.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

So even though Purushottam do not have a borewell, he does not have to depend on Kaveri for water. His next aim is to become self-sufficient on electricity by using rainwater. The avid social worker has also started a dress bank where they collect used clothes. The intention behind this activity is to make the best use of used clothes. These donated clothes are distributed among the needy people.

Purushottam uses his pension to buy notebooks for needy students. According to the ex-DRDO employee, he along with the donors donate 40,000 to 50,000 books every year.


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