Meet Kaamegowda: Mandya’s Environmentalist Who Was Lauded By PM Modi For Creating 17 Ponds

Kaamegowda (2)

An aged Shepherd from Mandya, Kaamegowda has been involved in protecting the environment in his own capacity for years now. On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recognized his achievements.

Kaamegowda turned to graze the sheep at a very young age. Technically, he cannot read and write but it hasn’t stopped him from achieving a rare feat. All throughout his life, Kaamegowda has created and revamped 16 ponds making use of the money he earned by himself. On the 66th episode of Mann Ki Baat on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the deeds of Kaamegowda.


Hailing from Dasanadoddi, a village in Mandya’s Malavalli Taluk, Kaamegowda is popularly referred to as ‘Kalpane Kaamegowda’ i.e. the one who is in his own imagination. He has been at the forefront of protecting the environment in the region. He has been instrumental in developing 17 ponds in the Kunduru Hills. Today, with Prime Minister’s recognition, the whole nation is applauding his works.

Kaamegowda (1)
Courtesy: The New Indian Express

Planted Several Thousand Trees

It all began with his concern about the birds and animals of the forest. To provide them clean water, Kaamegowda developed these ponds. With this, he has also developed underground water in the region. Apart from this, he has also planted several thousand plants and trees around the hills. He made sure his technical illiteracy does not stop him from contributing to the world. Today, the rocks in the hills tell a different story of his life. The one which inspires many around the country.

The thing to appreciate about him is all the work he has done throughout his life has been self-less. Even after Prime Minister’s recognition, he has responded by saying that his deeds are minute in nature. He also said he is happy to know that Prime Minister has recognized his work and urged people to nurture nature.


With his selfless act and concern about his fellow beings in the world and nature, Kaamegowda has brought pride to the district and the people of the district as it has now been recognized nationally by the Prime Minister. His deeds are also inspiring to many, particularly in the time of the pandemic.


Source: News18 Kannada