Here’s How Anshul Saxena Is Becoming A Nightmare For Anti Nationalists Supporting The Pulwama Attack

If you are active on social media following the updates on Pulwama attack then Anshul Saxena is not an unknown name for you. From the last three days, if there is one name which is heard and discussed everywhere, that is Anshul Saxena. He is an ethical hacker who has started a cyber war against Pakistan, becoming a nightmare for people who are supporting Pulwama attack in the country.

A Backstory Behind

Anshul Saxena is an ethical hacker. However, his twitter handle says that he is a news junkie who is interested in politics, foreign affairs, and national security. Talking to a Youtube channel named ‘The Sam Sharma Show’, Anshul has said that he is very much interested in giving out the right information with facts to the audience. He’s been doing this on his Fb page and twitter page but what happened on Feb 14th has really turned this lad to do something really big and worthwhile.


anshul saxena

A Post on Facebook

When the entire nation was shedding tears for CRPF soldiers martyred in the attack, a few people were celebrating it on social media. There were laughing reactions and supportive comments which made Anshul go mad and what’s happening after is creating a history.

Cyber Attack on Anti Nationalists

He has started finding people who are celebrating the terror attack and marked their profiles. Later on, with the help of cyber police, Anshul began to attack the anti-nationalists. Everyone is getting arrested now and updates about the same are being shared on his Facebook page. It is because of Anshul, many of such masked terrorists have lost their jobs and are in a pathetic condition today.

Words of appreciation are flowing for Anshul Saxena and within these 3 days, his page has got 2 lakh + followers. Even India’s Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is following him on Twitter. Anshul has set a clear example to show what A simple common man is capable of. Also, Indian hackers have hacked Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website and removed Imran Khan’s profile from it.


anshul saxena

There’s information which is going viral on social media that Anshul has hacked 70 Pakistan Government websites. However, it is not true as confirmed by Anshul himself on his twitter handle.

Here are his latest updates to give you a glimpse of the work he’s been doing from last 2-3 days.

Keep going Anshul Saxena. The entire nation is with you. 

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