Mass-Exodus Amidst Lock-Down: Violators Could Be Asked To Serve Quarantine Period For 14 Days

Mass Exodus

The mass exodus of migrant workers on foot, to their hometown, has forced the Central Government to take a few strict decisions on the matter. As per the latest directive to the State Governments, the Centre has asked the authorities to seal the state border effectively to curb the exodus. 

Lock-down violators to be placed in quarantine for 14 days

The Centre also mentioned that the people who violate during the lockdown period will have to quarantine themselves at government facilities for a minimum of 14 days. Detail instructions regarding the implementation of the same have already been given on to the State administrations.


Mass Exodus
Central Government has asked the State Governments to seal their borders

Central Government’s solution to the mass-exodus issue

The State Governments have been asked to arrange for food and shelter to the migrant workers at their place of work during the lock-down period. Centre has instructed the state institutions to divert money from the State Disaster Response Fund for the purpose.

Timely payment of full wages has been guaranteed to the migrant workers at this point. The Central Government further added, “House rent should not be demanded from the laborers for this period. Action should be taken against those who are asking laborers or students to vacate the premises.

The government also provided an update regarding the status of the lock-down across the country:


It was noted that, by and large, there has been effective implementation of guidelines across all States and Union Territories. Essential supplies have also been maintained. The situation is being monitored round-the-clock and necessary measures are being taken as required.

With this move, hopefully, the mass-exodus of the migrant workers can be stopped.