16 Popular Markets Of Bengaluru Which Are City’s Most-Favorite Shopping Addas

markets of bengaluru

Bengaluru is a city where one can get anything and everything quite easily. But to get what you want at the right price, one needs to be street smart and also smart regarding the street where they shop! Fear not, I’m not talking about the dangers of the road or traffic but discounts and cheap prices. Our city has many markets – each of them which are well known for certain niche kind of product or services. In this article, we shall speak of some of the most famous markets of Bengaluru where one can shop till they drop.

1. KR Market

KR Market – also known as City Market is the largest wholesale market in our city. The place is also historically significant as it is the first place in all of Asia to first get electricity. The market which was established in 1928 is perhaps the largest flower market in Asia and also sells vegetables and machine tools. Krishnarajendra Market is named after the former ruler of Mysore- Krishnarajendra Wodeyar. This place sees numerous footfalls every day and most people will be surprised to hear that this bustling market was also once a battlefield!

markets of bengaluru
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2. Russel Market

One of the oldest markets in Bengaluru, Russel Market was built in 1927. The place sells fresh vegetables, fruits, and other produce. The market seems to change colors with the season with the place being decked up with chocolates and cakes during Christmas, mouth-watering street food during Ramzan and flowers of varying kinds throughout the year.

markets of bengaluru

3. Chikpet

This region has its roots going back to the 16th century. Here is where other famous places such as Avenue road and BVK road are present. Silk Sarees and antiques are what the chikpet market is known for. The place also has a good number of jewelry shops and affordable silverware.

markets of bengaluru

4. Avenue Road

Perhaps one of the busiest areas in our city, this road in Chikpet is well known amongst students for cheap textbooks. The place truly feels like a paradise with cheap books all over the place. It’s a bibliophile’s paradise and one can get second-hand books of different genres at throwaway prices. Don’t forget to haggle and carry a large bag for this place is like a giant library.

markets of bengaluru

5. BVK Iyengar Road

This is the best place in Bengaluru to get all kinds of lights. Here, one can get beautiful and large chandeliers and even simple overhead lamps at discounted rates. Those looking to redecorate their place or give their homes a new look with lighting must remember this road.

markets of bengaluru
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6. SP Road

Quite close to Avenue Road, this place is like a place of worship for every engineer. Here, you get electronics, mechanical instruments, electric goods, and tools. The place is usually jam-packed with hobbyists and also has numerous shops selling PC parts and electronic appliances. One can also get their laptops serviced here.

markets of bengaluru

7. Gandhi Bazaar

This busy market street in Basavangudi is known for its flower and condiment shops. The place sells all the things you would need for traditional Hindu puja ceremonies as well as general goods one would find in the other markets. Kannada’s treasure – Masti Venkatesha Iyengar was a resident of this locality.

markets of bengaluru

8. Madiwala Market

The Madiwala market is well known for its vegetables and fish prices. The place is usually filled with hawkers and vendors who are friendly and are multilingual. Conversing with the vendors makes buying things from your long shopping list seem like a breeze.

markets of bengaluru
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9. Thippasandra Market

The Thippasandra market is both famous and convenient for the residents of the region. Here, one can get everything they need from groceries, flowers, and confectionaries to stationaries. Though the goods here are more expensive than those found in City Market, the place is still an important shopping hub.

markets of bengaluru

10. Commercial Street

Lying in the heart of the city, this is Bengaluru’s most visited street. The place sells retail apparel, footwear, electronics, and jewelry among other goods and is frequented by the city’s elites. Goods of Indian, as well as international brands, are easily available here. The place has some of the most expensive rents in South India and has been relevant since the British era.

11. Malleswaram market

The street food in this market is famed and sought out by its regulars. The place is known for its flowers and vegetables. This is one of the few places where the city seems to have not changed much over the past few decades and is definitely worth a visit.

markets of bengaluru
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12. Jayanagar 4th Block

Budget shopping is synonymous with Jayanagar Market where clothing and apparel and available at heavily discounted rates. Here you get sandals as low as 100 rupees and beautiful fabric to stitch into customized clothing. The place rivals Commercial Street when it comes to variety and discounts.

markets of bengaluru

13. Brigade Road

One of the most visited markets in Bengaluru by youngsters, this place has branded goods and retail outlets selling upscale goods. Finding a parking spot here is like trying to find a needle in a haystack and the haystack is also amongst a million other haystacks!

markets of bengaluru

14. MG Road

High-end fashion shops, antiques, jewelry, books, and restaurants are found in the tourist destination cum popular shopping center of our city. Here, you get a variety of goods and toys. Numismatists and philatelists will also find a good number of shops where they can sell and buy from.

markets of bengaluru

15. Majestic Market

Perfumes, clothes and even electronic goods are available at the famed Majestic market. Here, one must be prepared to bargain to receive the best prices. Proximity to other cheap flea markets has made this place truly – wait for it – majestic!

markets of bengaluru

16. HAL market

This is one of the best places in Bengaluru to get vegetables and groceries. The wholesale market is a riot of colors and is best visited in the mornings and evenings. The greens of the leafy vegetables contrast well with the bright red tomatoes. This picturesque market is also known for its fresh fishes which are sold at cheaper rates.

markets of bengaluru

Those are some of the most famous markets in Bengaluru. Some of them are flea markets which are cheap and others might be a bit pricier but they are all famous and well-loved by the city residents. Visit the places to get a true feel of the pulse of our city. Did we miss any location on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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