Marathalli’s Famous Train Themed RestroBar ISIRI Is Reopening After Covid Lockdown

It is an undeniable fact that Covid-19 not just changed our lives completely but also the food culture in India. Ever since lockdown, many cafes, restaurants, lounges and bars closed down under Covid-19 restrictions and we all had to let go our taste buds and cravings for eating out. However, now that things are getting better around the city, many restaurants are reopening again, keeping hygienic conditions in mind. One of them is the most famous ISIRI Restro Bar- Theme Restaurant in Bengaluru.

Situated in Marathalli region, ISIRI Restro Bar-  Theme Restaurant is best known for it’s train station theme, delightful environment, relaxing seats, amazing bar lounge and scrumptious food variety. The place is designed in a way that will give you the chilling vibe of being at a railway station and eating inside a comfortable carriage.


They offer a wide range of multi-cuisines from all over India. Whether you’re obsessed with North Indian curries, Paranthas, chicken tikka or with South Indian food, this restaurant is just the perfect spot for you to satiate your taste buds. Besides this, they have an amazing bar lounge where they serve the best of fusion styled cocktails and mocktails.

The management the ISIRI hospitality chain shared thoughts on reopening the restaurant a little late. They said – ” Covid-19 as a global pandemic has been hard for all of us and our safety is at stake every time we plan to move out. Keeping these factors in mind, we are decided to reopen the restaurant a little late as we wanted to make sure that we cover all the hygienic factors before we start, considering the fact that the safety of our customers is our first priority.  We will ensure everything from hygienic staff and environment to social distancing, sanitization, and serving fresh and hot meals.”

Perhaps Isiri has a chain of hotels ranging from cities like Bengaluru, Shivamogga, and few other parts of Karnataka. The Restobar is Marathahalli area is quite a popular hangout spot for couples & Family. They have the best bartenders in the city


Isisi RestoBAr
Isisi RestoBAr

Good news! Isn’t it?

It’s time to unearth your food temptations and plan a visit to the most thematic, ISIRI Restro Bar, Bengaluru. Here is the video tour for the very popular train-themed ISIRI Resto Bar

Opening On – October 26, Monday

For reservations, Contact Management (Walk-in are also open) 

Contact Mobile: +91 7899092575 OR 8884482727