Mannequins dressed as cops installed by B’lore police to curb traffic violation

source: dailyhunt

The Bengaluru Traffic Police, on controlling the traffic moments and to maintain discipline, have come up with a unique idea that will blow away your mind. The authorities have installed mannequins in the city which is seen wearing the traffic police uniforms in an unusual attempt to confuse motorists breaking traffic rules.

Mannequins to control traffic behavior 

Mannequins are equipped with high-visibility jackets, white shirts, khaki pants, and steel-toe boots. Intrestingingly, some have even been spotted wearing sunglasses.


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Chief of Traffic, Ravi Kanthe Gowda, says, “There are lots of people who commit traffic offenses when there are no police around to catch them. We set these up so that the people know there is police presence around.”

source: dailyhunt

 A good idea or a derision

He also informed us that the location of the mannequins will also be changed regularly so that people don’t get used to the dummies.

“We’re changing the location of the mannequins every day, so that repeat offenders can be cautioned and we can use our workforce in spots that need our attention,” Ravi said.


source: thehindu

Earlier in 2013, the Bengaluru Traffic Police had installed cardboard patterns at the busy crossroads of the city.

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The move was met with several criticisms some even joked, but few commuters said it had a positive impact on road traffic behavior as they were fooled into thinking it was a real cop.