Bengaluru’s Wackiest Street Artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy Turns Manhole into BBMP Biscuits

bbmp biscuit

When a pothole takes an artistic shape or a street percolates in the colors of creativity, Badal Najundaswamy shouted in silence about the things we give a seldom care. Art always has a subtle gamut but when the craft and its dexterity manages to touch the emotions of a Common man, artist elevates. Badal is an artist of this kind who comes with an incredible sense of looking at the things around in a way we would not have imagined.

Badal Nanjundaswamy is largely known for its street art especially for giving shape to the odd ones on the roads. He has brought crocodile, Mermaids, Yama and now, he has brought BBMP biscuits.


badal nanjundaswamy street art work

BBMP Biscuit on Lavelle Road in Bengaluru

A manhole on Lavelle road has now become a BBMP biscuit in the hands of Badal Nanjundaswamy. This is done to create an awareness and bell a ring for BBMP to take care of the things. The artist does it again and this work comes a week after another artwork installation on a road in Sulthanpalya.

Highlighting the potholes on road, Badal wrote #10YearChallenge in white to give out a message in silence, all clear and loud!!

Talking to The News Minute, Badal said, “The artwork is my message and I don’t wish to explain the meaning of it.”


Artworks were completed overnight

When works of this kind have to be done, it has to happen on a night and needs support from people around. Talking about these two latest artworks of him, Badal said, “People are very friendly here and they have responded well to my instincts. In fact, some people thought I was from the BBMP and were in hopes that I could fix them.”

badal nanjundaswamy

These whacky and eye-grabbing art installations have worked for the artist. There are instances when BBMP covered the pothole after the pictures went viral. Also, the Crocodile installation had managed to grab the attention of Mahindra Group’s Chairman Anand Mahindra who went on to praise Baadal and promised to support his works.

More power to Badal Nanjundaswamy.


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