From Neer Dose To Chicken Ghee Roast, Come To This Place For Authentic Mangaluru-Style Food

mangalore pearl

Frazer Town is home to one of the best non-vegetarian restaurants in town. However, if you are driving by the Coles Road, Frazer Town will try to delight you even more with a gem of a restaurant – Mangalore Pearl. The irony starts from the door itself. The door is small but once you enter the restaurant, everything is on a big scale.

Seafood lovers are common across Bengaluru and if you are someone who is in love with the Mangalore Cuisine, this restaurant at Frazer Town is the perfect joint to fulfill your cravings.

A plethora of Mangalorean Dishes

Of the many things that the coastal capital of Karnataka is famous for, food is one aspect which every visitor to Mangalore will be impressed with. There are a number of foodies in Mangalore who have produced yummy recipes which are all on offer in the Mangalore Pearl at Frazer Town.

It would take a few minutes to go through the long menu at this restaurant. The options are high and in most cases, you might not have come across the dishes listed on the menu. However, the weekend specials (if you are visiting on a weekend) and the daily specials (every day of the week) will make your job of giving the order simple.

The “Specials” column is for someone who wants to experiment but for traditional Mangalore sea-food lovers, Neer Dose and Chicken Ghee Roast (Rs 200) is always available. Apart from these items, the Fish Fry, Prawns Fry, Chicken Sukkah are all famous here. Also, do not miss out on the Raagi Manni and the Rice Manni you get at this restaurant.

mangalore pearl

Must-Repeat Restaurant

Mangalore Pearl is a family restaurant that has got adequate seating facilities and a decent parking space available outside. The building is okay and considering you would anyways be immersed in your food at this restaurant, the ambiance is manageable.

The staff is attentive and the service is pretty quick. You might not have a big problem in finding a table at this restaurant and that makes for a good experience.

mangalore pearl


Just one word. Sea Food. Or rather, two words. Mangalore Cuisine. This joint at Frazer Town is certainly the best seafood restaurant in town. What makes it all the more special is the diverse menu that is on offer here. Unlike the other restaurants which offer just two or three seafood items on their list, Mangalore Pearl has a plethora of dishes that get prepared. Ranging from Chicken, Mutton, and Pork to Fish, Squid, Prawn, Crab, Pomfret, Khubeyand Seer, the list of base items is pretty long.

mangalore pearl

All these items have simple ingredients behind and that gives it an authentic Mangalorean taste. Deserts such as the Rice Manni and Raagi Manni are also a hot-favorite here.

Open: 12 PM – 10:30 PM (Closed on Tuesday)

Where: Assaye Road, Skywalk Building 2nd Floor Next to YMIA or BodyCraft, Assaye Rd, Halasuru, Bengaluru




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