Man Who Licked Toilet Mocking Coronavirus Is Now Tested Positive

Courtesy: Dr. Phil

A Tik-Tok influencer who as a part of the ‘coronavirus challenge’ had posted a video of himself licking his toilet seat has now been tested positive. The ‘corona challenge’ has gone viral on the social media platform Tik-Tok where youngsters are seen coughing at each other’s face.

The coronavirus or COVID-19 has been the biggest biological threat to mankind in almost half a century. Over 193 countries affected are relentlessly working in synergy to stop the catastrophe from happening. Several countries have locked themselves down and others are recovering from the havoc.

While scientists and medical professionals have repeatedly appealed to take the matter seriously and raise the scientific temperament, Tik-Tok and Instagram influencers are engaging in what is called a ‘corona challenge.’ As a part of the ‘corona challenge,’ Tik-Tok and Instagram users are shooting videos of themselves coughing at other’s faces and even licking surfaces that is quite opposite to the World Health Organisation guidelines.

The trend began with Tik Tok celebrity Ava Louise who began with licking a toilet seat on a plane. She set the fire which caught up with people as quickly as the coronavirus.

Now reports are coming in from the United States that a Tik Tok celebrity Larz, aged 21, has been admitted to the hospital after he was tested positive for the COVID-19. He confirmed the reports on his twitter as he announced himself as COVID-19 positive. The news comes in days after he had posted a video of himself licking the toilet seat as a part of the ‘corona challenge.’

Larz with Billie Elish
Courtesy: Dailymail

He posted two videos, two tweets five days apart from each other. While the first tweet was him licking the toilet seat with a caption ‘RT for coronavirus awareness’, the second video was recorded from the hospital bed that had a caption ‘I tested positive for coronavirus.’

The number of positive cases in the United States is on the brink of touching 60,000 with 819 fatalities and only 137 recovered. Earlier today, New York alone crossed 25,000 cases following which the authorities shut down playgrounds and parks.



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