Man Swallows Whole Nokia 3310, Doctors Remove It Without Cutting Stomach,See What Happened

Ever heard of weird incidents where people swallow various objects like small pins or bottle lids? But this time it’s much worse than that, a man in Kosovo swallows a mobile phone! Yes you heard it right,  a complete mobile phone, and that too a similar phone like Nokia 3310 , which has a hard body and is known for its impeccable battery life.

A Complete Mobile Phone Swallowed

A 33-year-old unidentified man from Pristina, Kosovo, somehow was able to swallow the mobile phone completely, making him undergo a successful surgery that potentially saved his life. Skender Teljaku, the doctor who headed the medical team that performed the procedure, shared the photos of the pink coloured Nokia 3310 phone that was removed from the man’s stomach and endoscope as well as X-ray images of the operation.


The patient visited the hospital himself after experiencing intense pain from swallowing the handset. Dr Teljaku told local media that after carrying out a scan, they saw that the phone had split into three pieces.

The Phone Was Inside For 4 Days

According to the Facebook post by Dr Teljaku, the foreign object was stuck in man’s stomach for four days before it was retrieved by the medical team. It was extracted without cutting the stomach open and taking it out in three separate parts with endoscopes, an instrument with an embedded camera that is used to examine the interiors of the body. He added that the procedure that lasted for almost two hours had no complications.

He added that the battery was the most dangerous part to remove as it could have exploded in the stomach, hence, releasing extremely toxic chemicals into the patient’s gut and putting his life in danger. Indeed the efforts of the medical team has proved fruitful as the man is still alive with the mobile removed from his stomach. But the fun fact is; it is still unknown how he could actually swallow that whole mobile phone…