Man Stays At A Hotel In Maharashtra For 8 Months, Escapes Without Paying ₹25 Lakh Bill

India is a country where people have lots of creativity and sense of humour, these claims seem to get more correct when incidents like these are bound to happen. A man stayed in a hotel in Navi Mumbai for 8 months and fled without paying the bill of whooping ₹25 lakhs.

A Genius Fraud

A 43-year-old man stayed in a hotel in Maharashtra’s Navi Mumbai for around eight months and fled without clearing dues to the tune of Rs 25 lakh. This man in question has been identified as Murli Kamat, a resident of Andheri. He occupied two rooms at ‘Hotel Three-Star’ in Kharghar area for a period of eight months.


He had checked into the hotel with his son, aged 12 years. He fled without paying after racking up a bill of Rs 25 lakh. On Saturday, the hotel lodged a police complaint against Murli Kamat.


Kamat left his laptop and phone inside the room

What actually happened?

Kamat first came to the hotel on November 23 last year. He informed the staff that he worked in the film industry and booked two super deluxe rooms. One room was for his stay while the other was for his meetings related to work. He had given assurance that he would make the deposit payment after one month.

Until May this year, Kamat did not pay the money. On July 17, the hotel staff found that Kamat, along with his son, had fled through the bathroom window. He left his laptop and mobile phone in the room. Giving a big bang on the hotel management , Kamat proved to be an intelligent fraud, well at the same time it is also ironic that why did he leave his laptop and mobile phone then.


Such incidents are a reminder of how the intensity of fraudents is growing day by day. This is not the first incident happening, there have been several such similar situations but people are not aware of this. Indeed the mentality of people are getting more crooked and wicked the each passing day.