Man Of The Moment: 10 Things To Know About The Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao

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We are currently living in extraordinary times. No one expected ourselves to be fastened at home for long, but then, there is a harder fight that is occurring outside.

Bhaskar Rao, the Commissioner of the Bengaluru City Police is one man who is at the forefront of this fight. He has been efficient with his actions until now, while also succeeding in maintaining calm among the citizens. In this article, we talk a little about the man and his journey so far.


Posted by Bhaskar Rao on Thursday, 18 April 2019

Degree in Psychology, Economics, and Sociology

Having completed his PUC from St. Joseph’s Arts & Science College, Bhaskar Rao obtained a degree in Psychology, Economics, and Sociology from National College, Jayanagar. He then completed his MA in Economics from Bangalore University.

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An IPS from the 1990 Batch of Karnataka Cadre

An officer from the 1990 batch of the Karnataka cadre, our current BCP Commissioner underwent basic training at Lalbahadur Shashtri National Academy of Administration in Mussorie, and Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad.

Exposed to Training at the Border

He was then exposed to field training in the militancy loaded district of Taran, Punjab and Poonch sector near the Radcliffe Line on the Indo-Pak border for the Army.


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Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

An attachment with the Indian Parliament

Bhaskar Rao underwent training with SPG, the group which guards the Prime Minister and neutralizes Urban Terrorism. He also underwent a special attachment with the Indian Parliament.

A United Nations Medal to show for

Bhaskar Rao has a few international assignments in his record too. For services rendered in War Territory of Kosovo, the United Nations awarded an appreciation medal to the officer in 2000.

President’s Police Medal

He has received the distinguished President’s Police Award for his Meritorious Service twice, once in 2008 and then in 2015.


source: thenewsminute

Poornachandra Tejaswi Award

Our BCP Commissioner is also a recipient of the Poornachandra Tejaswi Award from the Kannada Sahithya Parishad.

In-charge of the KSRP before becoming the Commissioner

Bhaskar Rao was in-charge of the Karnataka State Reserve Police (KSRP), before his commitment as the Commissioner of BCP. In his tenure as the KSRP head, Bhaskar Rao took up many initiatives, such as the construction of toilets in the police vans and others.

An Avid Reader

It is also said that Bhaskar Rao is a big fan of the Self-Development books and indulges in them very often.


Daughter is always a Delight..⭐️?

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An Avid Cyclist and a long-distance Runner

Apart from being an avid cyclist, Bhaskar Rao is a long-distance runner, having participated in events such as Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, Pondicherry Marathon, Bangalore Half Marathon and Kaveri Trail Half Marathon.

Bhaskar Rao
An Avid Cyclist