Man From Hyderabad Arrested For Rape Threat To Virat Kohli’s Daughter

Post Team India’s poor performance against Pakistan in the T20 world cup, the Indian team was being trolled at a massive level and Kohli was at the epicenter of all the hatred. This incident went a bit further when Kohli’s 9 month old daughter Vamika was getting rape threats from an unknown twitter handle. As soon as this news came out, it created a lot of buzz and the police immediately went behind the culprit. Now according to a leading news agency , the Mumbai Police Cyber Cell had arrested the 23-year-old man. He was being taken to Mumbai, the agency quoted the Mumbai Police. His name is reportedly Ramnagesh Srinivas Akubathini

The Real Culprit Was Caught From Hyderabad

It was earlier reported that a now-deleted Twitter handle that posted the gruesome tweet, threatening to rape Kohli’s 9-month-old daughter, was allegedly based in Hyderabad. The threat came after Kohli came out in support of his team Mohammed Shami.



Investigations by multiple media agencies had indicated that, contrary to claims that the threat was from a Pakistani bot account, the handle was not from Pakistan. According to The Quint’s WebQoof fact-checking team, the account was created in April this year, with the username and handle of the account being changed multiple times.

A Fact Checking Agency Played A Pivotal Role

Fact-checking agency AltNews said it had searched for archived links of tweets from the handle, @criccrazyygirl and found the unique Twitter ID of the account. They found this from Wayback Machine, an internet archive, from where they viewed the source code of the page and the unique ID.


The tweet

Apart from tweets on trading on NIFTY, sharing emails by Indian financial services companies, the account had also retweeted tweets in Telugu. AltNews also said the person had retweeted tweets by OpIndia and several pro-BJP accounts. They also retweeted anti-Muslim tweets and pro-BJP tweets. Further Updates are yet to come in this regard, hopefully the real culprit is caught this time and he wil testify very soon!



Source : News hyderabad